This is the Latest Harith Mobile Legends (ML) Combo Skill 2020

Harith is one of the most popular mage heroes in the current Season 18 meta, where Harith’s ability is very good in team fights, this one hero is often used as a hyper carry with high agility and damage, of course you can get optimal damage with use the best Harith combo skills in the following 2020 Mobile Legends.

By using the Harith hero skill combo, you will definitely be optimal when playing in Mobile Legends, you can use this combo when team fight and have agility above average, especially Harith mobile legends also has passive skills that can attack the Lawa Armor into hers so that it can make opponents. loses the defensive and strengthens Harith in his ultimate mode.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide the best Harith skill combo in the Mobile Legends game, hopefully with the following reviews we will be able to make you even better when playing Harith in Mobile Legends.

The Latest Harith Mobile Legends Combo Skill 2020

By using the following Harith hero skill combo, it will definitely improve your gameplay when playing in Mobile Legends, the combos you can use are as follows.

  1. Harith Combo Skill: Skill 2> Ultimate Skill> Skill 1
  2. Combo After Ultimate Active: Skill 1> Skill 2> Skill 1> Skill 2

You can use the first Harith combo skill which you can use when chasing your opponent’s hero and then attacking your opponent. Use skill 2 to approach the opponent and then activate the ultimate to buff the Harith hero, the ultimate skill can reset Harry’s skills so that he is very agile in Mobile Legends.

When the ultimate is active, attack the opponent with a combination of skill 1 and skill two attacks, carry out these attacks continuously until the duration of the Ultimate Harith effect runs out. You can attack your opponent continuously, steal your opponent’s defensive and make it a shield that makes Harith even stronger.

Not only that, this one hero is very agile and in his ultimate active state, Harith is able to attack his opponent very quickly giving burst damage and Crowd Control to his opponent. With this ability, it can make Harith’s hero more optimal when played in Mobile Legends.

To increase a more powerful attack, you can do combo attacks with heroes like Hanabi and Yi Sun Shin. But you have to be careful when fighting Chou or Minsitthar because you can easily counter Harith.

For Tank heroes, the Gatotkaca, Tigreal, Minotaur and Grock heroes are perfect for covering Harith during the team fight.

Of course, combined with the gameplay from harith mobile legends. By combining this, you will see Harith become strong and be able to defeat any hero who is indeed Harith’s counter to the hero

So that’s it for this review regarding the latest Harith combo 2020 in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully, the presence of the above reviews can be useful, especially for those of you who want to learn to play Harith’s hero in Mobile Legends. Good luck and good luck!

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