This is the appearance of the latest skin Esmeralda Blazing Shadow Mobile Legends (ML)

Esmeralda is a tank mage hero who is quite popular in the Mobile Legends game. This newest skin has a very beautiful appearance and is the latest Blazing West Series skin. Check out the appearance of the very cool Esmeralda Blazing Shadow Skin in Mobile Legends!

Of course, quite a lot of you often use the Esmeralda hero as a mainstay hero in the Mobile Legends game. This one hero is indeed very unique and also strong. Esmeralda has both a tank and mage role and can be used in all meta in Mobile Legends. That’s why there are quite a lot of Esmeralda fans who are definitely waiting for the following Esmeralda Blazing Shadow skins.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide an overview as well as a brief review for the latest skin Esmeralda Blazing Shadow in the Mobile Legends game. Now for those of you who are curious. Please see the full review below.

The latest appearance of the Esmeralda Blazing Shadow Skin in Mobile Legends

esmeralda blazing shadow mobile legends

Blazing Shadow is one of the Blazing West Series skins given to the Esmeralda hero. This one skin has an Epic caste and will soon be here for those of you who are Mobile Legends gamers.

Previously, for you loyal Esports readers, I must have seen the leak for this one skin, but it is still in a sketch or still quite blurry because you haven’t received any information regarding the name of the skin as well as the appearance of the skin’s artwork.

So this time, you can see the official artwork of the Esmeralda Blazing Shadow skin appearance as a whole. The skin looks very beautiful, beautiful, enchanting and is definitely a must-have when it’s released later.

Of course, the author also thinks that this Esmeralda Blazing Shadow skin is the coolest skin Esmeralda has. Previously there were only normal schools, elite skins, special skins and starlight skins only. But this time you can see Esmeralda’s newest skin called Blazing Shadow in Mobile Legends.

The Blazing Shadow skin for this Esmeralda hero does look very beautiful and even like a princess, Esmeralda uses an all-red dress with a pretty feminine look. And even the author thinks that this one skin is no less than the skin of the hero Guinevere who is waifu mimin.

Unfortunately, there is still no information regarding the price and release date for this new Esmeralda hero skin. But certainly, Moonton will present it in December.

The author’s prediction, this one skin will be present in mid-December for the record, in November Moonton presents three Blazing West skins namely Aldous, Layla and Franco at the end of the month. As for December, Moonton will present Claude, Esmeralda’s skins and finally Clint’s skin.

So that’s the latest look for the Esmeralda Blazing Shadow skin in the Mobile Legends game. Of course, with the leaked appearance, it is very mandatory for Esmeralda users to have this skin. Look forward to the next month!

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