This is CW’s Response After Sanz Becomes a New ONIC Esports Player

Sanz is one of the pro players that ONIC Esports has just signed in the best roster rarely. Sanz itself is a midlaner who has the same position as CW. So after his arrival, this is CW’s response to Sanz after becoming a new player on Onic Esports.

Sanz, whose real name is Gilang, is one of the newest players brought in by Onic Esports who previously played with Victim Esports. Being Onic Esports’ newest roster, Sanz is currently being talked about a lot in the Esports Mobile Legends scene.

Previously, Sanz had defended Victim Esports and won the MDL Indonesia Season 1. In that team Sanz played as a midlaner and performed brilliantly at MDL, so it’s no wonder that after that Sanz was wanted by many other Esports teams.

But the arrival of Onic Esports provides interesting pros and cons, because Onic already has one Midlaner on the main team, that means, there will be two midlaners playing together with Onic Esports.

That way, many players have questioned who will be the midlaner for Onic Esports, what is Sanz? Or CW, who previously played with Onic Esports for a long time.

Regarding this, finally CW began to respond to Sanz’s arrival at Onic Esports through one of Onic Esports’ videos some time ago.

In the video, CW accepts Sanz’s arrival with open arms, he accepts sanz as a substitute for himself as a midlaner at Onic Esports. Not only that, CW also gave his response to Sanz who had joined the Onic Esports Team.

CW said that he would not have a problem if Sanz joined Onic Esports, he also said that he was happy with the presence of new players who would strengthen his team of pride.

Not only that, CW also mentioned that in the main team of Onic Esports there are eight players, which means that he understands that if one of the players who plays has decreased performance, then the other players will immediately fill the position.

With these eight main players, they will back up each other. This means that if there is one player whose performance drops during the match, then there will be another player who will replace him.


With the response given by CW, of course, Esports fans salute CW, because Calvin Winata or who has the name CW is very open and doesn’t even feel jealous when his position is replaced by other players,

Even so, this is quite natural in the Esports industry on the ground, every Esports Team will definitely look for new talents who have great potential in order to strengthen the team.

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