There’s a New Erangel PUBG Mobile Mountain Dew Vending Machine, Let’s Try it!

In the New Era of PUBG Mobile, the long-awaited Erangel 2.0 map has finally been released. There have been so many changes to new things in New Erangel. This time we will provide information about the Mountain Dew vending machines at several points in New Erangel as a form of collaboration.

PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game that has millions of active players spread all over the world. The challenges in this game certainly make many gamers interested in playing this game published by Tencent Games.

PUBG Mobile has collaborated a lot. What’s still hot is of course the collaboration with the big South Korean girl group, Blackpink. Well, this time PUBG Mobile is collaborating with Mountain Dew. Here is the complete info.

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PUBG Mobile Collaboration With Mountain Dew

Now PUBG Mobile has entered a new era where the favorite Erangel map is being updated. In New Erangel there are many changes at some point. For example Mylta Power or there are tank wrecks and barricades at some point.

This time, through a collaboration with Mountain Dew, PUBG Mobile is bringing vending machines to the arena at several points in New Erangel. You can find a Mountain Dew vending machine that is bright green complete with the Mountain Dew logo on the main body of the machine box.

Attractive Rewards

Indeed, this vending machine is a vending machine that contains energy drinks, but the biggest prize is not there. As a form of collaboration, of course there are interesting rewards that you can get from Mountain Dew.

So the contents of this Mountain Dew vending machine are not only energy drinks but also contain high quality loot items such as level 3 backpacks or armor.

More than that, in this vending machine you can get a parachute skin and Mountain Dew t-shirt. Of course this is an attractive prize from this collaboration event.


To exchange rewards from Mountain Dew, you can enter the Event menu in the PUBG Mobile game. After that you can select the Themed option. There will be several events then choose the Mountain Dew option.

You can get a parachute skin and t-shirt by exchanging 15 Mountain Dew each. The maximum exchange you can make is 3 times.

Collaboration Period

Indeed, the existence of a vending machine that provides energy drinks is nothing new in the PUBG Mobile game because at Miramar we can find it. But this time, what is present at New Erangel is a vending machine in collaboration with Mountain Dew which is full of attractive rewards.

Unfortunately the vending machines that are available through this collaboration are limited. So the PUBG Mobile collaboration period with Mountain Dew is only valid from September 22 to October 7 2020.

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That is information about the PUBG Mobile collaboration with Mountain Dew. The result of the collaboration is the presence of Mountain Dew vending machines at several points in New Erangel. Find the vending machine immediately and get attractive rewards. Thank you!

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