The Trap FF Rap Free Fire Song Comes Today, Listen!

Free Fire will launch a new Bundle that will be present in the Mystery Shop and as a prize for the next season’s Elite Pass. TRAP Squad has been eagerly awaited by many players, because this Skin Bundle is presented with a very modern model and design. This time the Trap FF Rap Free Fire Song Comes Today, Listen!

That’s not all, it’s rumored that you can get one of these Bundles at Mystery Shop ff at a very cheap price. This is one opportunity that must not be missed by many players, of course.

Not only that, a few days ago Garena announced a Video Rap notification from the latest TRAP Squad that you shouldn’t miss. The video shows 4 characters who become the rap singers of the TRAP Squad.

For those of you who don’t know the meaning of the word Rap, we will explain it to you. Rap is one of the typical cultures of hip hop songs that exist around the world, Rap first appeared in South America since 1990.

Rap is a vocal technique that speaks quickly, while people who do rap are known as rappers. Usually a rapper will be accompanied by a DJ, not only that Rap can also be accompanied by a band.

The Trap FF Rap Free Fire Song Comes Today, Listen!

The Trap FF Rap Free Fire Song Comes Today, Listen!

Therefore, Garena has included a Rap Element into the Free Fire game to make it even more interesting. So they came up with a Trap FF Rap Free Fire Squad song which is the 4 best rappers and dancers in the game Free Fire.

For all the new things about the FF Rap Free Fire Trap Song, it will actually appear on February 1.

On this occasion we will provide information about Rap who presented the FF Rap Free Fire Trap Song.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

TRAP Squad Rapper Free Fire

There are 4 characters who are included in the Video Rap this time, they are Kelly, Antonio, Moco and finally Miguel with their own characteristics.

Moco uses a pair of glasses that are quite large, Kelly has an appearance with braided dreadlocks. Then for the men, Antonio has a tattoo on his body.

The video for the Trap FF Rap Free Fire song has a duration of 2 minutes 47 seconds featuring all the rappers from the beginning, Moco then Miguel, followed by Antonio and Kelly.

The appearance of the rap itself is cool, especially when all the bundles are released in the game? Wow, of course it’s much cooler, of course.

In this Video Rap, 4 TRAP Squad Emotes that will be present in the game are also included. So this is one of the interesting elements that is quite strong, because players can see it more clearly.

Now that’s what we can say at this opportunity, what do you think? Are you ready to collect one of the cool TRAP Squad Bundles?

Don’t forget to also get the 4 newest TRAP Squad Emotes, so that later you can make appearances from the characters Free Fire you guys become even more stylish.

That’s all, Thank You and Regards, Booyah.

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