The story of Silvana in Mobile Legends, a Princess of the ML Kingdom!

Silvana is one of the heroes in Mobile Legends who is a type of hybrid hero with a role fighter. Every hero in Mobile Legends has its own past story. The story of Silvana in Mobile Legends starts with her being a royal princess.

Silvana could become a warrior because he wanted to protect his people by joining the Imperial knights. The story of Silvana in Mobile Legends is quite interesting because it involves several strong heroes in Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, we will explain the story of Silvana in Mobile Legends. For those of you who are curious and want to know the full story of Silvana in Mobile Legends, let’s just take a look at the full story below properly and correctly!

The story of Silvana in Mobile Legends, a Royal Purti!

The story of Silvana starts from a kingdom where she is the crown princess of the Moniyan kingdom. The life story with the theme of this princess begins to disappear and turns into a warrior’s story after an incident where Slivana’s sister disappeared. Silvana’s sister.

Aurelius II was very mysterious because all members of the Koran, including his soldiers, did not know when the tragedy occurred. Silvana decided to abandon her crown princess title and turn into a warrior in search of her missing sister.

Silvana joins the group of imperial knight soldiers and tries to navigate the Land of Dawn to find his missing sister, but it is very unfortunate because there is no trace of the existence of Aurelius II.

Even so, Silvana remained excited and increasingly trained himself in the Imperial Knight knight army. Silvana received harsh training and was no longer treated like a royal princess.


Become the Leader of the Imperial Knights!

Item Build Silvanna Mobile Legends

Slowly Silvana became strong thanks to her heavy training in the Imperial Knight army and she managed to become one of the most powerful knights in the army.

Silvana is still struggling to meet his missing younger brother, Aurelius II. He continued to walk through the Land of Dawn in search of his younger brother until one day he met a demon who required him to fight with all his might.

In the battle that occurred Silvana showed his abilities and led the imperial knight troops to protect the Moniyan kingdom. The end of the sweet fruit of his efforts was seen, Silvana managed to get the victory in the battle that occurred.

His opponents are Dyrroth and Thamuz, after defeating both of them Silvana realizes something that Dyrroth is his missing sister and has changed his appearance by the forces of evil darkness. The ending of his story is Dyrroth falling into a cliff and Silvana tries to keep grabbing him.

The story of this hero is indeed quite interesting to follow with an interesting background. There are still many other heroes who have backgrounds that might catch your attention to read.

So that’s the story of Silvana in Mobile Legends, which we have discussed in full for you. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for you. Read the above story carefully so that you understand the past of Silvana’s hero in Mobile Legends!

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