The reason why Miya entered Meta Next Mobile Legends?

Here we will discuss the reasons for Miya to enter Meta Next Mobile Legends. As we know, Mobile Legends will get an update called Project Next ML. In this Next Project, there will be many heroes who get Revamp and changes to the visual tower. There are still many changes in Mobile Legends that can lift lower tier heroes to enter the current meta.

Mobile Legends will make many changes to lower tier heroes that are rarely used. Heroes like Alucard, Miya and others will get Revamp which might increase their pick. Previously Miya became rarely used, because there were still many ADCs that could match his Damage. This is the same as Alucard with his skills, which are still quite lacking, especially with anti-heal. With this upcoming update, it looks like the hero can be raised in tier and picked up more often.

Miya, who is the Stereotype Archer, is rarely used because she is spelled Glass Canon. This hero has high damage but the defense is very soft. Not only that, the only reliable escape skill was Ultimate and very weak with CC and AoE. This makes Miya rarely used, because there are still many Marksman who are better than him like Claud or Granger. In the end, Miya will get a revamp which later might be able to anchor her tier and pick rate.

The reason miya will enter meta, apparently because of the revamp that was obtained. What are the reasons, can be seen below:

  1. Strong passive skill
  2. Additional skill 1
  3. Additional skill 2
  4. Damage is getting bigger
  5. One of the marksman that is easy to use
  6. Flexible as a carry and a pusher

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. The revamp that miya gets, makes her pick up more often.

Here we will discuss the reasons why Miya will enter Meta on Revamp Mobile Legends later in the Next Project update. This is not certain, but you can already try it on the Advance Server, with the skills you have now. There are many reasons why miya will go into meta and have a higher pick rate. We ourselves have discussed this in the prediction about miya revamp meta season 17 mobile legends ago

The reason Miya Will Enter Meta

The following are the reasons why Miya will enter meta after getting Revamp on the Mobile Legends update:


Miya will get Revamp of her passive skills which become stronger. Previously he had a passive skill that increased his ATK Speed ​​with each shot. Later, he will get a buff on the full stack. If Miya’s stack is full, he will summon a shadow who will shoot behind him. His Revamp skill is almost similar to Claud’s


Skill 1 will also get a higher Buff damage. Which makes skill 1 stronger, because the shadow on the pass also gets the same buff. So you can flood the enemy with arrows when doing a team fight.


Miya’s 2nd skill will change completely. Previously his 2 skills created a DPS area with a frezze effect on certain hits. Now the skill has changed so it only deals 2 damage. 1 down arrow damage and 2 damage when the arrow explodes. What makes skill 2 a strong escape skill, the plank will give a root effect.


Miya’s damage will also be increased to be higher, so that it can provide greater damage.


Miya is also still one of the marksman that is easy to use, even with these changes.


With skill 1, Miya is one of the heroes who is easy to push or become a team ADC.

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That’s the info about the reason Miya will enter Meta on Revamp Mobile Legends on the Next Project update. With the Revamp he gave, Miya became more widely used and could lift the team more easily. Also Follow Our Social Media on Instagram Esportsku!

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