The Real MMR 10K, Finally MidOne Reaches 10K After Abed

MidOne Reaches 10K, Now Abed is not the only person who has MMR 10,000. Mid Player From Team Secret Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng, MidOne finally reached 10K MMR, becoming the second player in the world to do so after Digital Chaos’ Abed Yusop.

MidOne, who comes from Southeast Asia, to be precise, Malaysia, currently lives and plays in the European region because he plays for Team Secret, and yesterday he reached 10K MMR on the European server. that means he now has a fairly high point difference of 500 points from Team Liquid’s Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi, who is currently in second place on the EU ranking leaderboard.

Team Secret’s My Yeik Nai ‘MidOne’ Zheng became the first player on the SEA / EU server to reach over 10,000 MMR and didn’t forget to stream before breaking the record. flashback of a few weeks ago a player from Digital Chaos’ Abed became the first player to reach 10K on the NA server, even though in achieving that MMR Abed had to be GB by another player. while MidOne Reaches 10K he doesn’t ask other players to beat themselves. The difference in MMR after winning is 10,016 while Abed’s is 10,024.

The video above is the last midOne stream as a player who is at 9K mmr. When he wanted to reach 10K midOne had to play 14 times, where 13 of the matches he won. Recent midOne games have brought his MMR from 9,744 to 10,016. MidOne Reaches 10K

MidOne has been a great boost to Team Secret since joining last August, helping them win the ROG Masters in 2016, and Season Seven of the EU DreamLeague division this year. He is known for the Spirit Ember, Storm Spirit, Invoker, and his Templar Assassin, moreover, he uses these heroes with a style of play that quickly leaves opponents powerless in the face of midOne.

He and the rest of Team Secret will be present at The International 7 as the 18 teams that qualified after they competed in the EU Regional Qualifiers which they have placed first in the qualifiers. This will be the second consecutive International for MidOne after at TI 6 he played for the Fnatic team.

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