The Painful Gusion Build in Mobile Legends, Auto Savage ML!

Mobile Legends has many heroes in different types and types. All of these heroes can be used by the players, so that you can win quite easily, of course. Especially if you give the right build, and train hard on the hero. These are the 6 Painful Gusion Builds in Mobile Legends!

One of the heroes who is very dangerous and has become a subscription to Banned is Gusion. As we all know, Gusion is an Assassin hero with the ability to play a reliable sword. The damage generated by Gusion is very large, so it can kill thick tanks like Grock.

Gusion only requires 1 Combo skill, to be able to finish off the enemy quickly. This hero will deal Magic Damage on each skill, this hero will reset his skill by turning on his Ultimate Skill.

So that Gusion is able to provide consecutive attacks with his 1st and 2nd Skills. But if you don’t provide the right build and don’t learn the combo, then it’s just as useless.

Gusion is very strong when played very right. This hero has deadly damage because Gusion has fast combos. Burst Gusion might be said to be the highest burst damage in the late game.

On this occasion we will provide some Build recommendations for the sickest Gusion heroes in Mobile Legends. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

The Painful Gusion Build in Mobile Legends! Auto Savage!

6 Most Painful Gusion Builds in Mobile Legends!  Auto Savage ML!

Rapid Boots

6 Most Painful Gusion Builds in Mobile Legends!  Auto Savage ML!

The Painful Gusion Build in Mobile Legends The first item that can add Movement Speed ​​is suitable for use by Gusion. The increase in Movement Speed ​​of this item is very large, namely 80+ Movement Speed. Especially when you hit the enemy, this Speed ​​will increase.

However, if the enemy you are facing turns out to have great damage then don’t use Rapid Boots. Just use the Warrior Boots item that can add Armor too.

Glowing Wand

6 Most Painful Gusion Builds in Mobile Legends!  Auto Savage ML!

build gusion mobile legends The next item you can use for this Gusion hero is Glowing Wand. In the current season, the Glowing Wand item is meta, because it can add Magic Power, Max HP and Movement Speed.

Not only that, this item has Passive which later can burn enemies when attacked. So that when the enemy is dying and burning, you will be able to kill the enemy.

Calamaty Reaper

6 Most Painful Gusion Builds in Mobile Legends!  Auto Savage ML!

The next build item that you can use is perfect for Gusion ML, because it can add Magic Damage, Max Mana, Mana Regen and Cooldown Reduction. This item is of course the main key to Gusion’s hero Damage.

The passive skill of this item is almost the same as Gusion, later it can give True Damage through its basic attack. Can deal great damage, without always having to use skills.

Concentrated Energy

What’s the point of a hero with big damage without a Life Steal, then this will make him a shortage of HP supply. This one item must be used by a Mage-type Assassin like Gusion, because Gusion deals Magic Damage.

Not only gives Life Steal effect, this item has a passive which adds 10% HP if it kills the enemy.


Fleeting Time

After the 4 items, then enter the Fleeting Time item. Gusion has a fairly low cooldown time, especially if you use this one item. So every time you kill an enemy or assit, then the Cooldown of the Ultimate skill will be reduced by 35%.

In addition, this Mobile Legends Painful Gusion Build can give a Cooldown reduction effect to the hero who uses it.

Holy Crystal

build gusion mobile legends The last item that is the main key to Gusion’s victory is Holy Crystal ML. This item will add a very large Magic Power, namely 90 Points and 25% Additional Bonus.

By using this item, Gusion is able to kill enemies very quickly, of course.

So that’s the newest Gusion ML item build for 2020 today. If this hero is released from Banned, then you must also be ready to face the enemy Gusion. By using the skin gusion above, of course you will have very high damage. Moreover, Gusion is one of the very sick heroes in Mobile Legends!

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