The order of 5 best to worst SMG Free Fire weapons in FF!

There are the best to worst FF SMG Free Fire weapons right now that you should know. The SMG weapon is a weapon with a characteristic high fire rate in free fire.

This is because every weapon in the Free Fire game has a variety of different abilities, be it for rush or play it safe. Every player who plays this game will definitely have to be able to master several weapons, so that later they will not experience difficulties when playing.

The abilities of each of these weapons are also different, either from their original abilities or from these types of weapons. One of the weapons that is quite suitable for use when playing Rush is SMG. In this Free Fire game there are also lots of weapons of this type, but not all of them can be used by all players.

Each of these SMG weapons must also be the Best and some are the Worst. You are also eager to try out one of the best SMG weapons and try to stay away from the worst. But if the worst SMG can be used very well, then its abilities are even better than before.

So on this occasion we will provide some information about the Best and Worst SMG Weapons for Free Fire.

Curious? Immediately, we see my esports explanation about the best smg free fire weapons in the article below.

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Here are the Best Free Fire SMG Weapons

This is the best Free Fire SMG weapon that my esports list gave to FF players:

1. MP40

The Best Free Fire SMG Weapons to the Worst FF!

MP40 is a famous SMG FF weapon and of course all Free Fire players will be familiar with the name of this Best Free Fire SMG Weapon.

You don’t need to doubt the resulting ability and damage. In addition, MP40 is the king of SMG because it can kill enemies very quickly. This weapon is the best free fire weapon in 2020 which is still in use today

The rate of fire generated from this weapon is quite high, so the rate of fire is also very fast. If used at close range, the damage from this weapon and the bullets will hit the enemy’s body more often. But unfortunately, the MP40 is not suitable for medium and long distances.

2. The Best Free Fire SMG Weapon P90

The next best SMG Free Fire weapon is the P90, surely you often hear the name of this weapon.

In the Free Fire Map alone, the P90 is easy to find and doesn’t bother the players too much. Even if used properly, the damage and level are almost the same as MP40. This free fire weapon is one of the most frequently used weapons in 2019.

Apart from that, the P90’s Best FF SMG Weapon is also quite useful in any situation. The rate of fire of this weapon is very high, almost equivalent to the MP40 FF. You can still equip this weapon with several attachments, so that the performance is even better.

3. CG15

The Best Free Fire SMG Weapons to the Worst FF!

Now this is quite unique compared to other SMGs, where the shooting range and the resulting damage is very large.

Actually, the Best FF SMG Weapon is originally an SMG, but you can also use it as a Sniper Rifle.

Having a strong damage and range, of course, is the advantage of CG15. Almost all of his stats are above 50, except for the Magazine which only has a total of 20.

Vector Free Fire Weapon

Vector free fire weapons are the best sub machine guns today. Unfortunately the range and accuracy are poor. However, the fire rate is very high and can finish off anyone in a short time.

Free Fire’s Worst SMG Weapon

  1. VSS

The worst SMG weapon ff and quite rarely used by players is VSS. Almost the same as CG51 which has a fairly far range, but this weapon is not very useful when shooting from a distance either.

Because the bullets that are released will drop to the ground faster, even VSS is rarely used because the user can be finished off quite easily.

So, those are some of the best and worst SubMachineGun FF weapons in this Free Fire game. Is one of them your favorite weapon?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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