The November 2020 Free Fire FF Advance Server Update Leaks

We can know that now there is a leak of the FF Advance Server November 2020 Free Firee Update that has arrived right now. By following all of that, don’t forget to feel all the latest information. Because it is the one who will be present in the game, it means that you will immediately know all the information and be ready with it.

We can try the updates that are present today, so we will always be happy to follow the developments that are present in this Free Fire game later. All information from the OB 24 Free Fire Update at that time, will bring considerable benefits for us to try. So don’t ignore all this information, because it’s very useful.

Especially for those who are present at this time, maybe you will be even more enthusiastic about knowing what are the newest things that are coming up soon. Just consider the explanation, in the article below.

New Advanced Server Update Leaks on Free Fire

Vector’s Latest Weapon (SMG)

If you really like to compete using weapons while playing, that’s why those who are present now might make you excited again. Moreover, the presence of this new update has turned out to be one of the weapons called Vector or Kriss if you call it the same player from Indonesia right now.

Yup, it will be one of the new weapons that we can use in the FF Advance Server November 2020 Free Fire Update. So don’t forget, if this is really it, it will be very useful to be used by all of you. Players who like to rush must know how to use SMG Free Fire weapons, so that later it will be easier to compete using all of these.

Pet / New Character / New Boss Mode?

For the second, the FF Advance Server November 2020 Free Fire Update has not been further confirmed if what type will be present at the Free Fire Game. But my Esports also has predictions, if indeed this could be a Pet, a New Character or a Boss in another new mode. That way you shouldn’t forget to immediately register for the advanced server too.

If for Pet, maybe it could happen, that’s why you still won’t miss all the opportunities to try something like this huh. If this is a new Pet, the strength is not yet known, but we can wait for further information from the Advanced server.

The sickle’s newest weapon

The last update for the FF Advance Server November 2020 Free Fire might be a pretty obvious one, because what we see besides Vector is a Sickle Skin of a new weapon in the image of the Update FF Advance Server November 2020 Free Fire. Maybe you will be curious to try this, because this kind of weapon will be the most dangerous if you use it when competing later too.

Maybe this weapon will be the most distant for Melee weapons in this Free Fire game. So we just wait for all the information, because the update in this game event can be tried well enough for later.

You can also read the Leaks of the FFCS Free Fire Top Up Emote Event that you can experience later. By trying all this information, there are many interesting prizes to be obtained besides the Emote. With all the new information like this, maybe you guys will be even more excited in the future.

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