The Mobile Legends, MPL & MDL Tournaments Officially Ban 5 ML Heroes This Week

Currently Moonton is holding two Mobile Legends tournaments at once, there is MPL ID Season 6 and MDL ID Season 6, which is precisely this week the new system for Ban 5 ML heroes has been inaugurated.

Later each player will ban 10 heroes at once, where each team will ban 5 heroes. Hearing this latest news is of course an even more interesting Mobile Legends Competitive scene, because the latest system this time has been awaited by the pro players of Mobile Legends.

On this occasion, the latest information is that the two Mobile Legends MPL tournaments and also MDL ID Season 6 have implemented a new system of 5 hero tires in Mobile Legends. The following is a detailed explanation of how the system works.

How the 5 Hero Tire System Works in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Rank Mode Will Apply 10 ML Hero Tires!

With the presence of 5 hero tires in the Mobile Legend game, especially in the MPL ID Season 6 and MDL ID Season 6 tournaments, the game will be even more competitive.

This is also desired by many pro players so that the heroes that are played are not the same. Of course, it will make the match even more exciting and not monotonous

The way it works itself is quite simple and simple. It will be the same as before, if previously the first tire will do 2 hero tires, then continue for the second phase there will be 1 hero in the bane. So for the newest this time you will ban the hero like the following.

First, team A will ban 3 heroes in Mobile Legends and then continue for team B to ban 3 more heroes. Furthermore, each team will choose 3 heroes each to use.

And then it will continue to tire the second phase for Team A to ban 2 heroes and for Team B to ban 2 heroes again. Furthermore, each of them will choose their last two heroes.


Now it’s quite easy not for the 5 tire hero system in Mobile Legend. For when this system was released itself, Moonton mentioned in his Instagram account this week, which will be applied to the MPL ID Season 6 Week 4 tournament and also MDL ID Season 2 Week 3 starting this week.

In addition, the 5 hero Tire System will also be applied to Rank mode in Mobile Legends in the upcoming update. Surely it will be even more interesting, right?

With the presence of the 5 hero tire system in Mobile Legends this time it is hoped that the Esports Mobile Legends scene will be even more exciting, with many heroes in Mobile Legends, of course the presence of 5 hero tires will make other heroes also take part to play.

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