The Latest Skin of FF Surfboard, Free Fire Smoldering Fire, Cool!

Until now, the Free Fire game continues to show many new things that are quite interesting for you to try. Of course the better a game is, it will start to be crowded again to play. Free Fire has also become one of the best games in 2019 yesterday, even getting a total player of up to 250 million more. This time, you can get the newest FF Free Fire Fire Surfboard Skin that you can get.

As we know, Free Fire is also published directly by Garena, so of course you will have many new and interesting things to try. Updates and events that are being presented now, are all very well preserved.

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Even Garena itself will fix updates that have problems, so that you won’t have any difficulties when playing. On April 8, 2020 yesterday we had many new updates, so you can feel a lot of changes in the game.

Apart from presenting this update, Garena will also provide many leaks in the future. Be it Bundles, weapon skins and other items will be leaked by Garena. So that in this way, you will never feel curious again about the next update.

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In the Outer Free Fire Community, there is a skin item leak which is pretty cool too. In fact, you could say, this skin is quite unique because a relatively ordinary item has a very good effect.

On this occasion we will provide the information to all of you.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Leaks of the Latest Free Fire 2020 Surfboard Skins

The Free Fire community outside Indonesia, has provided the latest Leaks for the latest Surfboard Skins for further updates. Even this Surfboard Skin, is much cooler than the previous Skin. Because on this skin, there is a pretty cool effect.

When you use it in a match, of course you will also be able to see the effect clearly. On this Surfboard skin, the effect presented by the Skin is a burning fire. Of course with that, you are much more confident when you get off the plane.

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Free Fire Flaming Fire Surfboard Skin

There are some who gave some leaks to get this skin, he said through a free event. However, this information is still unclear, it is possible that it will also be used as a Bonus Gift when you top up.

But if you want to look really cool when you get off the plane, of course you shouldn’t miss the Surfboard Skin in the Free Fire game. Right now, we don’t know when Fire Surfboard will be released in the game.

But some say, this will come in May 2020. So you could say, soon it will be present on all servers at different or the same event.

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So, those are some information on the Latest Skins FF Free Fire Burning Fire Surfboard that we can convey on this occasion. How? Are you ready for the presence of the surfboard skin?

In addition, there are also several DJ Alok counters that make him helpless, and there is an explanation of the Latest SMG King in Free Fire today.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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