The Latest Gun Skin FF Moco Store Free Fire 2020

This time there is the newest FF Gun Skin at the Moco Store Free Fire 2020 that you can get. Free Fire is never tired of presenting various updates to the game. Various updates are presented to make the players happy and not bored when playing Free Fire.

Interesting prizes and events are here to enliven the event that will be present and can be followed by everyone. Some are free, or have to spin diamonds. Now then. Free Fire presents a new event which will take place from 24 February to 1 March 2020.

The Moco Store FF event presents various attractive prizes such as permanent skin weapons in it. This event is in the form of FF Moco Store’s Latest Gun Skin which requires you to participate to win event prizes.

Moco Store Free Fire will last for a week starting from today to next week. To get the prize you have to spin using Diamond. But before you spin this event, what do you think the main prize in this event is.

Various Prizes at Moco Store Free Fire

You can get various attractive prizes such as Carnival Bundle, Neolithic Bundle, the newest Gun Skin FF Moco Store MP40 Sneaky Clown, Gun Skin M1014 Catacalysm, Gun Skin SCAR Water Eternal, Gun Slin MP40 New Year, Gun Skin M1014 Enchanced Armor, Emote Provoke, Emote Flowers of Love and many other events.

Very interesting, right? With so many skins coming from the Latest Event in February 2020, which is the newest FF Moco Store Gun Skin that you want?

So, let’s take a look at some of the Gun Skin FF which the writer thinks is very interesting.

Gun Skin M1014 Enchanced Armor

Now one of the skins that you can get in this Moco Store Event is the M1014 Enchance Armor which is the coolest weapon in Free Fire. This skin has a flash of lightning which makes it really cool.

This skin is of course going to be one of the Favorite Skins for those of you who want cool skins to play in Battle Royale Mode. You can follow Moco Skin Free Fire this February.

The Latest Gun Skin FF Moco Store MP40 Sneaky Clown

Some of the skins that caught our attention before were Gun Skin MP40 Sneaky Clown. This skin has a silver gold color which makes it very shiny. Of course you can get it at the Moco Store Free Fire event this February.

As tips that you can do before spinning gun skin at this event. You have to take a few steps in spinning the moco store free fire:

  1. You will be asked to choose one to six main prizes in the form of the newest Gun Skin Free Fire Moco Store permanent in Free Fire.
  2. Next, you will be asked to choose additional prize items that you can get, usually the second option is a cool bundle item.
  3. After confirming the Latest Gun Skin Free Fire Moco Store that you want to present in the Spin. After spinning, you can get a total of 4 additional items that you can get in the following spins.

So that’s the latest Gun Skin Free Fire Moco Store 2020 that you can do. Follow the latest Free Fire spin this February and get various prizes available. Good luck.

If you want to get lots of information about the Free Fire game, you can immediately join our group. Stay tuned to my esports to get the latest Indonesian esports news 2020!

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