The Latest FFIM Special Kill Event for Free Fire

Don’t miss the latest Free Fire Special FFIM Live Kill Event now. Where in the event that is being presented today, it is one of the most festive for us to feel as well. If you play the Free Fire game right now, don’t miss what is currently being presented in the game and interesting events.

Where all these events are, they must be quite important things and we should not miss them. Besides that, we are also currently having the FFIM Free Fire Daily Mission Event which is quite exciting, where later you can get an attractive prize to try too. Of course, with all of you, don’t miss all this latest information.

Because there are indeed a variety of other recent events that you can get and feel right now. So with that the excitement of this game, even more. Curious? just look at the article below right now.

The Latest FFIM Special Kill Direct Event Free Fire

So at this latest event, we can get a free Incubator Ticket and also a Pumpkin Land Parasute Skin. So make sure you don’t miss a mission event like this, because what we know is that the Kill Event is also very beneficial for you to try to feel right now.

Where the mission is given too, it is fairly easy. You only need to kill a certain amount later, in order to unlock the prizes that will be present on the mission. So the first mission in this event we will kill 5 times in any mode, but we will recommend only Classic Battle Ground Mode later.

When this first mission is finished, we will be able to use the Gold Royale Ticket as a prize. This ticket can be used and has no time limit. Then also know about the Gold Royale Yellow Toxic Free Fire Leaks that will be present. That way you can just wait, the new Bundle for Gold Royale is here right now.

Then when you kill 10 times, then that way we can also get a Parasute Skin with the title Pumpkin. By using this Skin later, you basically should be able to try Free Fire’s Best Landing Tips right now. Because indeed it will show that you already have a cool Parasute Skin and can use it well too.

Got 30 kills!

When you reach 30 kills on the current event mission, the prize that you can later get is a Ticket Incubator 1 Piece. But unfortunately this will be Epxired, when October ends. Then also know if there is a Leak of the Latest XM8 Free Fire Skin, which will later be present in a feature called Incubator Royale Free Fire as well.

But for what is currently being presented, don’t miss all of these events too. Of course, all of these gifts won’t make you feel good either.

You can also read the Quick Way to Complete Free Fire Missions now, where it will be one of the things that is quite important for us to try now. Because in the future events like this will certainly bring benefits for us to feel in the game as well and this will be the beginning of our advantage.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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