The Latest FF Tokens for the Lebaran Free Fire 2020 Event, Collection of Tokens!

Players who play the Free Fire game already exist and there are a lot of them in total. Of course, Garena himself, later on, wants to add more updates and events in Free Fire. All these things, are expected to provide good development again. The Free Fire Launchpad feature alone, is often used by the players.

In the future, Garena has prepared many new and more interesting things. In fact there is also, the Issue of Advanced Server Registration Date is Open now. By following this and registering, you will be able to play on the server later.

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For now, Garena is still presenting the Booyah Ramadan Event with quite a lot of prizes. Of course all players too, must have gotten a lot of prizes nowadays. Because the second phase of the event booyah breaking, it will soon be closed.

Of course, a new event, will open again with much more attractive prizes. For now, it turns out that the news about the last Booyah Ramadan event is more exciting. Because there are more prizes and events that are present, you will finish later.

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Most likely, this event will bring more prizes than usual. Because all of you, have to collect a Token to exchange prizes at this event. So in this way, you have to always play so you can get lots of prizes.

On this occasion we will provide information about the last Booyah Ramadhan Event Token.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Token for the Booyah Ramadan Lebaran Free Fire Event

At this event, it turned out that more tokens were needed than usual. So Garena will give you a mission, so that you can be more diligent in playing the Free Fire game. The problem is that for now, Garena is presenting an event to coincide with the Corona pandemic.

Those of you who are at home, of course, feel bored and bored because there are no activities. Therefore, just play the Free Fire game so you don’t get bored in going through this pandemic. Apart from that, there are several ways to play Free Fire that are not bored for now.

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Token Free Fire Hari Raya, Bedug, Ketupat and Light Desert

That way, you yourself will be excited to continue playing the Free Fire game. Because you already know what things are, so you can play the game Free Fire later without experiencing boredom. So in the following too, we want to provide information about the Token to you.

  • Bedug Token
  • Hari Raya Tokens
  • Ketupat Token
  • Light Desert Token

All these tokens, reportedly there are those that can be obtained in several ways. But for ketupat tokens, you can get them on Peak Day, May 23, 2020. Because on that date, Garena leaked the Free Magic Cube Event Leak Date.

So to get these prizes, you have to play and you can’t. Anyway, those of you who missed this event, will definitely lose because you don’t get many other unique prizes.

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So that’s the information we can convey on this occasion. How? are you all ready and completing all missions to get the token?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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