The Jota FF Character Is Very Deadly In Kill Secured Free Fire Mode, Complete!

Until now, the Free Fire game is one of the Battle Royale games that is quite busy to play. Even Free Fire has also become the best game in 2019 yesterday, where it was ranked 1st in the Playstore. Right now, Free Fire has brought many new and interesting updates to try. This time we will discuss the very deadly Jota FF character in Kill Secured Free Fire Mode.

For now, Free Fire is still completely in the hands of Garena. So it’s natural that the game is very good and has always been well preserved until now. In addition, Garena will continue to present many new updates so that the players don’t get bored quickly.

Even now there are also some information on the best Free Fire Characters, and there are also some of the Best Free Fire SMGs that can be used by all of you. And there are some important things and tips for the best landing in the game.

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For now, the Free Fire game also has a new mode, which is called Kill Secured. Even this mode, it turns out to be quite good and interesting for you to try. There are even a variety of new things, in this mode.

There are also some of Kill Secured’s Best Characters who are very good, one of which is Jota. He is a special character for Rush, so it is only natural that this character is good enough to use in that mode.

On this occasion, we will provide a Jota Character Combination in Kill Secured Mode.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Jota Free Fire characters

This character is a character launched by Garena Free Fire last March. This character is also the first Indonesian character in Garena Free Fire. This is because with Joe Taslim joining as the brand ambassador for free fire in 2020.

The Jota Free Fire character itself has skills that are quite overpowered for players with role rusher. This character will fill your blood when killing your opponent who is in front of your eyes.

Combination of Jota Characters in Kill Secured Free Fire Mode


  1. M1014

M1014 Is the strongest shotgun in the Free Fire game, it is even one of the biggest strengths for Jota. The damage and accuracy given are quite high and very comfortable when you use it in Kill Secured mode.

For now, M1014 becomes the mainstay of Jota’s character because of his massive damage. Even the M1014 is very much to be feared, when used in that mode.

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  1. Thompson

SMG is also an ability that makes Jota strong. Jota’s ability will provide heal, when killing using SMG and Shotgun. Of course, the second weapon of this character in this mode is Thompson.

Thompson is now the King of Free Fire’s Latest SMG, because of his abilities that exceed MP40 weapons. So naturally, if this weapon is now a Meta.

Free Fire characters

  1. Andrew

When you use Jota, try to be able to combine Jota with Andrew. Andrew’s ability will make Armor stronger, of course this is very good to use in that mode. So you guys later, can last longer.

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  1. Shani

Next up is Shani, the ability of this character to repair damaged armor. Of course Shani is pretty good, so you don’t have to be tired of looking for new armor anymore. For now, you can combine Jota with Shani.

  1. Rafael

Lastly is Rafael, playing in this mode is of course on a map that is quite narrow and small. Of course, your later movements can be easily read by the enemy. So of course in this way, you will be easily found out. Use the Rafael Skill, to make your voice unnoticed.

That way, you won’t be easily caught by the enemy, of course. Even Rafael is part of the Silent Killer in Free Fire today.

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So, those are some information about the very deadly Jota FF character in Kill Secured Free Fire mode that we can convey on this occasion. How? Are you ready to play in Kill Secured?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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