The Important Role of Mid Lane in MLBB from MDL ID Season 2 Week 5 Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has at least 2 pro scene which is currently ongoing. Pro scene those are MPL and MDL.

MDL itself is the ‘second league’ organized by Moonton and is a place to produce talent and pro player new. Called MDL mobile legends, this second league just took place in 2020. So far, MLD ID has also lasted until Season 2.

In MDL Season 2 Week 5, Alter Ego X faces Geek Fam Jr. The match was quite fierce and forced both teams to continue games 3. AE finally managed to win the match with a final score of 2-1 over GEEK. The following are important roles mid lane on MLBB from MDL ID Season 2 Week 5!

Mid Lane Alter Ego X

In games 3, composition draft hero of AE tends not to be as strong when compared to draft owned by GEEK.

First, AE uses hero support Valir while GEEK secures Pharsa. Of course, Pharsa is stronger as support high ground compared to Valir who is more focused on sustainability team fight which lasted a long time.

Second, AE uses Ling as hyper carry and GEEK using Lancelot. Overall, Ling will be terrible at the phase late game. On the other hand, Lancelot will master the phase early game.

As hero tank, AE relied on Jawhead and GEEK using Hilda. Although it is quite balanced, however midlaner AE is very hard on games 3 of this.

Map Control

Various pro player often the same in stating mid lane is lane most important in the Land of Dawn.

Because, team rotation will be greatly helped by success mid lane and have a profound effect on top and bot lane. Likewise when mid lane experiencing insistent pressure. Rotation will be interrupted and third lane immediately dominated by the opposing party.

Proven, mid lane AE from the first minute games 3 received a barrage of attacks. X-Borg AE Raizel is guarding bot lane AE is quite diligent in helping mid lane-his. Although, consequently bot lane AE must be the victim.

Khaleed AE Arss is guarding top lane is quite disciplined. However, it was AE Raizel’s decision to help mid lane spelled out ineffective. Evidently, the rotation of GEEK to AE Arss was still irresistible and made it successful-pick off.

Geek Fam Jr

Despite being under the dominance of GEEK, AE has been quite successful in defending outer turret in area mid lane.

In fact, GEEK needed lord in order to be able to destroy AE’s defense at outer and second turret they. In the end, Ling AE Guava who was pressured from the start by GEEK made a mistake.

Ling AE Guava got a little excited and got into the back line of the GEEK formation while AE was still in the process of defending from the attack lord. Tend off side, AE Guava ter-pick off and AE failed to get out of pressure. Although these actions provide a little room for AE members.

In the end, GEEK continued to attack base AE and managed to win the match with a final score of 2-0. That’s her important role mid lane on MLBB from MDL ID Season 2 Week 5!

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