The Hurtful Combination of Deadly Weapons in Free Fire!

There are quite a lot of Free Fire players who are still wrong in combining several weapons which will later become one of the determinants of their own victory too. It wasn’t that he couldn’t find a suitable weapon. However, they don’t really understand that every weapon in the Free Fire game has the necessary advantages under certain conditions. You can try to do a combination of Free Fire Deadly Weapons which hurt Garena free fire

For example, there are still some people who take advantage of these two weapon slots by pairing weapons that have a fairly long shooting distance. This is the wrong thing, if only enemies appear near you without your knowing it, that’s why you need a combination of weapons that are very powerful to use in this game.

We have collected several weapons that you can combine in the Free Fire game.

The Hurtful Combination of Deadly Weapons in Free Fire!

The weapons in the Free Fire game do have their respective advantages. Both this is in terms of the damage incurred to the speed of shooting it. However, not all weapons are effective enough to use in all combat conditions. Therefore, other weapons are provided that can be combined with your favorite weapons. The following is a combination of the most effective Free Fire weapons to use in every battle condition.

Combination of Deadly Weapons Free Fire Assault Rifle with Shotgun.

The shotgun is a weapon that has quite a lot of damage from a very close range. If you combine Assault and Shotgun weapons, then you can have one very good combination, besides the Shotgun has great damage, this weapon can also destroy the vest with just a few shots.

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If the enemy that you have shot using the Shotgun is still alive and running away, you can finish him off easily using the Assault Rifle you carry. One recommendation that is quite suitable is to use one of the best-selling Shotguns, namely Spas12, because this weapon can also shoot at a fairly long distance as well.

Combination of Deadly Weapons for Free Fire AWM with P90.

This second recommendation is to combine AWM and P90. This AWM weapon has a type as a Sniper Rifle with very high damage from a very long distance. With just one shot to the body, the enemy can immediately die and if it hits the head, the enemy will immediately die even though using a level 3 helmet.

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If your AWM shot only hits the enemy’s body, you can immediately finish him off using the P90 with just a few shots, because initially he was dying. The P90 is a multi-functional weapon from both close and far. If paired with a scope, this weapon will be maximal enough.

Combination of Deadly Weapons Free Fire Assault Rifle with MP40.

All weapons that have the Assault Rifle type are very effective for use in battles from close range or from very long distances as well. But you also have to combine it with a weapon that has a small Range of Fire, so that it can help you in close combat.

MP40 is an effective weapon for you to combine with Assault Rifle type weapons. This is because MP40 has a high enough fire rate and can kill enemies very quickly.

Those are some suggestions for the recommended combination of Deadly Weapons in Free Fire that Hurt Especially for beginners who are new to this Free Fire game. Even so, you can combine it with your playing skills.

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