The FF Mini Turret item in Free Fire is missing, why?

There are a lot of items in the Free Fire game, but we have to try all of these cool items first. Even though we now have to know, if there is a reason for the FF Mini Turret item in Free Fire is missing. Maybe old players have tried items like this, even though it didn’t last long, but the point is they can also know the abilities provided by that item.

Every item that comes into this Free Fire game, we really have to be able to try later. Don’t forget that now there are important things, where there are Rare Free Fire Items that we could try before. So, one of them is the Mini Turret, where right now the item has indeed disappeared, no matter where in this game.

The reason for the missing mini turret item from Free Fire

The FF Mini Turret item in Free Fire is missing, why?

The development of the Free Fire game is indeed good and there will be other unique and interesting things as well. Of course for now we all have to know, if for example there are some other unique items that are pretty good and cool to try. But unfortunately there must be some other unique items too, such as the Mini Turret which was removed from the Free Fire game.

Indeed, no one knows clearly, whether this item was deleted permanently or not. But what is clear now is that we cannot see these items, in battle royale matches like before. If we have played the Free Fire game since 2017 or 2018, surely we will know and have also experienced this item called Mini Turret.

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So Mini Turret is one of the Defense items, where we can defend ourselves easily. So the item will attack the enemy, at an intermediate distance in the match. We don’t need to aim this attack, because this item attacks the enemy automatically and won’t miss the attack.

Too Deadly on FF!

The damage given from this item too, is indeed enormous when we give it to the enemy. So with this the first reason why the Mini Turret item was removed, because indeed the Damage and Function of this item is quite overpowering. Where we can also see the damage given, the magnitude and attack of the item always hits the enemy.

Not only that, the HP of this item used to be huge. 3 A single shot from the AWM was not enough to destroy it. So things like this are what makes the Mini Turret removed from the match. Because it is proven to be one of the most Overpowered items, which is difficult for us to destroy and attack the enemy automatically with great damage.

When this item is still released in the Free Fire game, it turns out that we shouldn’t underestimate it either. This item is easy to find and it is possible for up to 10 Mini Turret Items to be found and used. The point is, first, those who have this item in large quantities are guaranteed to win easily. Finally, that’s the reason why the mini turret item had to be removed from Free Fire.

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Items will indeed help us compete, but if someone is overpowered, they will definitely be eliminated or replaced. Just like the existing Mini Turret items, new players must know that there was an overpowered item in the past and it must be gone now.

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