The Easiest Hero Mobile Legends On Gank And Kidnap

Previously, we discussed the most difficult heroes in the mobile legends gang, now we will talk about the easiest heroes. If you see these heroes alone or separated from the team, just try to kill them so that they become the personal ATM of the tankers. You will get a lot of gold from these mobile legends heroes. The easiest Mobile Legends hero in the gang and kidnap is not suitable for you to use in solo rank without a good team.

These mobile legends heroes have an easy reason because they are quite simple, of course they are easy to kill because of their small cellphones and also don’t have mobility skills that help them escape. You can take advantage of this to your advantage when playing trying to gank them.

Here we will provide some of the easiest heroes to gank for several reasons, even though most of them don’t have escape skills and are very weak.

Hero mobile legends are very easy to kidnap or gang up. Who are the heroes, you can see them below:

  1. Eudora
  2. Hanzo
  3. Hanabi
  4. Layla
  5. Karina
  6. Saber
  7. Alpha

This has been summarized by esportsku so that you can read it more easily. If the enemy uses this hero, you might be able to attack them first.



counter granger mobile legends

Eudora is a mage who is very easy to kill because he is very weak. Besides that, Eudora is a hero who doesn’t have escape skills and CC which is only a single target. Even though Valir doesn’t have the skills to escape, at least Valir can fight back and Eudora can’t.


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Hanzo, who did not have the skills to escape and could only exchange his body for his ultimate ghost, made Hanzo easy to kill. When the ulti is active, you can even kill Hanzo without realizing it. A thin cellphone and no escape skill will make it your personal ATM.


Hanabi Skin After Venom Mobile Legends Skin

Hanabi is a marksman that you can easily kill because she doesn’t have an escape skill and can’t fight back. It’s easy for you to kill because you can’t run away and fight back. Hanabi is also not strong against 1v1 is the main reason.


Just like Hanabi, Layla is a very weak marksman because she doesn’t have an escape skill. Besides that, he couldn’t fight back because his thin cellphone would die very quickly in the blink of an eye.


the easiest hero to gang and kidnap

Karina is an assassin that you can easily kill. Unlike other meta assassins that have bursts and escapes, Karina is just a pick-off assassin who is easy to catch. He who is vulnerable to being bursts if his sill invisibility is not active is also another factor. This easy to gang and kidnap hero is so vulnerable to the opponent.


the easiest hero to gang and kidnap

Just like Karina that as an assassin, Saber is easy to kill. You can even say that Saber is a bad version of the Hayabusa. Not having good escape, cc, or damage skills when being ganged makes it your source of gold.


Alpha is a fighter hero which is quite strange because of all the fighters he is the easiest hero to kill. Not having good sustain, damage, cc, and escape makes it easy to kill quickly even by solo assassins. One of the easiest Mobile Legends heroes to gang and kidnap.

Those are some heroes that are easy for you to gang and can become your personal ATM in Mobile Legends. These heroes are very easy to kill as your source of gold in the game. These heroes are indeed very easy to gang and kidnap because they are not strong enough to fight back or run away.

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