The Deadly Hero ML with Spell Stun

Before you enter the land of dawn Mobile Legends arena, you will be asked to choose a hero in the game. It is known that there are quite a lot of heroes in the Mobile Legends game.

Some of these heroes are still meta da tone as well as those who are still below the meta season line. While selecting a hero and then selecting it, you also have to determine the Battle Spell and Build that you want to use when playing later.

One of the Spells that is very helpful in the course of the battle is the Stun Spell.

For this one spell, later it will give a Crowd Control effect in the form of stun to enemies who are near you. This effect is area and can stun 5 enemies at the same time if you are close.

On this occasion we will tell you 5 heroes who are very deadly when using this one Spell. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation below.

5 Deadly Heroes with Spell Stun

  1. Akai

A hero tank that has a body shape like a Panda animal is one of the deadliest heroes when using Spell Stun. Akai can jump using his 1st skill to chase enemies while dealing damage.

After you hit the enemy or are near him, just use the Spell Stun and combine it with the Ultimate Skill to push the enemy into your turret.

  1. Alice

The next hero is Alice. This hero has a Mage type of hero which is quite deadly when combined with Spell Stun. This Hero Alice also has a Stun skill in her Skill 2.

Alice also has the Ultimate skill that sucks the opponent’s blood quite a lot. In order to make the enemy even more Miserable, use Spell Stun and Skill 3 at the same time if you are close to the enemy.

  1. Balmond

Next up is Balmond. This one hero is rarely used by many players in Mobile Legends. This hero has enormous damage to his Ultimate skill. The area of ​​damage from this skill is quite large and deals True Damage.

Skill 2 of this hero will make him spin and produce considerable damage. You can use the Spell stun to combine these skills to make it even more painful.

  1. Helcurt

The next hero is the holder of the Assassin role, Helcurt. So that you can kill enemies quickly using this hero, then you have to use the Spell Stun. This is because Helcurt has enormous damage and is troublesome for the opponent.

This Skill 1 Hero can do Blink in any direction, especially towards the enemy then continued with the use of Helcurt’s Spell Stun and Skill 2, which has deadly damage. If the Combo fails to kill him, use Ultimate to chase the enemy.

  1. Hilda

This last hero is Hilda. This hero with a very good passive skill is very dangerous when using the Spell Stun. Hilda herself also has considerable damage to her opponent.

So that the opponent can’t run away in a fast time, then you can use the Spell Stun to make the enemy’s steps stop. Then you can finish it with the Ultimate skill.

So, those are the 5 Hero Mobile Legends which are very deadly when paired with Spell Stun. What do you think? Is your favorite hero on the list this time?

That’s all we can say, Thank you.


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