The Deadliest FF Assault Rifle In Free Fire 2020

Weapon is the most important aspect in the battle royale game. Without any good weapon, is close to impossible to kill any enemies. Of course the better the gun is, the better and higher chance do you to win the game. And now, let’s talk about what is the Deadliest FF Assault Rifle in Free Fire 2020 for you to use.

In battle royale like as Free Fire, the last player survives is the winner. Of course whatever you playstyle is have a chance to win, either by camping or actively searching for enemies. By either playing in long range fight or short range, gun is the most used weapon because how unreliable is melee weapon is.

Now probably the best weapon type in the game is AR FF. You could fight them in close range or long range. With high accuracy and good damage, you could win the fight in ease.

The Deadliest FF Assault Rifle in Free Fire 2020

Now there’s a lot to AR to pick from. With this many types of weapons, we are going to sort out which one is the best weapon to choose.


Who doesn’t now this rifle. AK is the most known weapon in the world and video game. In Free Fire, AK also probably the most used and best weapon in the game.

High damage with quite a troubled recoil and reload to balance it. AK is best used in medium range because how high the stopping power this gun has.


Well not actually a rifle since M249 classified as a MG, but it’s a worthy contender. High size mag with insane damage made this weapon really a problem to enemies.

With this huge ammo capacity and damage, M249 suits you guys who want to have an aggressive playstyle and rushing people.


Still in the same family as AK in Kalashnikov type, AN dealt a huge damage with high sound from the bullet. This gun dealt a huge damage to enemies so silencer attachment can’t be used.

Because this gun is free fire naturally have a loud noise from shooting. it’s advised to check your flanks because enemies would know where are from you shooting.


SKS is counted as a DMR, with high damage and accuracy but low fire rate SKS is really good in long range fight.

Really accurate and could use a long range scope is really good for new players or skilled players to aim for headshot.


Last is M60. In reality, M60 is a MG which mean doesn’t suit to bring for assault. Same with M249, M60 bring a load of firepower.

High capacity and damage although the accuracy is questionable, M60 really good for close range or mid range suppresing shot support.

For player that’s like to rush and kill a lot of enemies, this weapon is really good and made for you.

That’s it, that’s the best AR in Free Fire 2020. Do you have any suggestion? if so, just drop in the comment below.


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