The Bonus from Purchasing UC in Season 15 of PUBG Mobile that You Can Get!

PUBG Mobile has now entered Season 15 with the theme Beyond ACE. In this season’s Royale Pass, you can get a variety of attractive offers. One of them is the bonus from purchasing UC in Season 15 of PUBG Mobile as we will discuss below.

As a popular game, PUBG Mobile continues to offer various attractive prizes for its players. The size of the PUBG Mobile player community in various parts of the world makes this game even more full of expectations from its players. Therefore, PUBG Mobile also has to provide a variety of attractive offers for its players.

In Season 15 this time there is an attractive offer for PUBG Mobile players. One of the attractive offers is the bonus from purchasing UC. Here’s the complete info.

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The Bonus from Purchasing UC in Season 15 of PUBG Mobile that You Can Get!

In a game where there are various interesting items, you have to spend money to be able to buy it. In PUBG Mobile, the applicable currency is called UC. PUBG Mobile loyal players continue to fill or top up UC whenever there are attractive offers that are present in this game.

Of course we buy UC to buy an item in the game, huh. So what if when we buy UC, we actually get a bonus in the form of an item? Of course this is an extra point for us, yes.

Now in Season 15, PUBG Mobile offers just that. There are interesting bonuses in the form of weapon skin items to cool set outfits that you can get when buying UC.

First you will get a free mask from the purchase of a total of 60 UC. More than that, you can get a set outfit or after the same as the mask after buying a total of 120 UC.

Next, you will also have the opportunity to get a machete weapon skin, namely the Dunia Maya skin. You can get this weapon skin for 180 UC which is a promo price from the initial price of 1080 UC! You can get this promo after buying UC.

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Of course, with a variety of attractive bonus offers from purchasing UC, you will be more interested in buying UC, huh. Immediately buy UC and get a variety of attractive bonuses above for free or free. Thank you!

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