The Best Way to Land Free Fire So that it Bouncy!

In the Free Fire game play, you will start the first game by landing using a parachute. You will land where you want. if you have landed in the battle arena, you will definitely look for weapons around it because the essence of this game is to survive with other players by fighting. How to land the Best Free Fire to Booyah !?

Because not all landing places are good, then when you are wrongly placed to land, you will become troubled yourself. Plus it will become prey that is very easy to kill by enemies around. Even then, because you still don’t have any weapons. Even though you already have weapons. Can you withstand quite a lot of enemy attacks ?. Of course, there is little chance that you will survive.

There are a few tips for those of you who always make the wrong landings. These tips allow you to make good and correct landings and can make you win the battle and become a player who managed to survive to the end.

The Best Way to Land Free Fire So that it Bouncy!

1. Descending in a less crowded place (usually farthest from the plane line)

When you want to land, all you have to know and need to do is make sure the landing location is far from the plane’s flight path. This can prevent you from landing in a place that allows a lot of enemies in that place.

If you try to land on the plane’s flight path and land with many enemies around it, you will also find it difficult to find weapons in that place because it has been taken by several nearby enemies, you will become an easy target for the enemy because you don’t have a weapon.

2. Stay Close to the Team

This is a pretty important thing too, you shouldn’t land far from your teammates. Because if you do this you will also be an easy target for other players who land with 1 team.

3. Land in a place that is not crowded

You have to land in a place that is not crowded but that place has a lot of looting items. In addition, it must also be far from the presence of enemies. This will make you last longer and have a lot of loot that you are preparing for. If one day you are going to attack or be attacked by the enemy, you are ready.

4. Avoid the roof of the building to land

This you need to avoid, because if you land on the roof of a house or a roof in another place. Even to drop it will give considerable damage and will harm you yourself.

This must be considered again so that you don’t waste your blood because it comes down from the roof of the building. Not necessarily in the house or place there is a medic kit. It will add more danger to you.

5. Only Choose Buildings With Open Floors!

Instead of you landing on the roof of the house and dropping to reduce your HP, you better land on a building that has 2 floors.

Landing in a house that has 2 floors will make you have quite a lot of additional items because there is a looting item on the 1st floor and a looting item on the 2nd floor. open floor huh!

That’s in our opinion the Best Free Fire Landing Method for Booyah, so make sure you follow the steps above!


I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates

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