The best melee weapons for PUBG Mobile 2020

Previously we have often discussed the best weapons in its class, but the question often arises which is the best weapon to use in close range 2020?

If you ask for long distance sniper rifles is the answer, but at close range there are many weapons of various classes to use. Starting from SMG, AR, even DMR type snipers can be used at close range.

To find out more, let’s see what PUBGM weapons are very suitable for use at close range.


If we talk about close range, it is definitely the SMG that will appear first in our minds. Yes, and the SMG is Vector. As the strongest SMG, Vector is very deadly at close range if all attachments are equipped.

Vector which has a small recoil with super fast RoF will be easy to control for headshot. This also really helps you to kill enemies faster.


In second place is another best short-range 2020 SMG PUBG Mobile weapon, namely UMP9. This weapon is very suitable for use at close range because of the high damage and has very light recoil. UMP9 is also very easy to find in various places.

PUBG Mobile UMP9 with complete attachments is even strong enough to be used until the late game because DPS is fairly good.


Who does not know this weapon. M416 is the best versatile weapon in PUBG Mobile 2020. Perhaps it can be said to be the best AR because of the versatility of this weapon. The best melee weapon PUBG Mobile 2020 M416 has quite high damage and RoF and lots of attachments make it suitable at short distances.

Because of its performance, the M416 is one of the flexible AR weapons in this game. Control of this weapon is quite comfortable and stable. Can be used in various situations and terrains. Even the performance of the M416 is quite friendly among beginner PUBG Mobile players.

For those of you who want to play AR in many situations, M416 is the answer. All types and styles of play can be used in this weapon.


Even though it can be said to be a DMR sniper weapon, SKS is apparently very good for use at close range. SKS has quite high damage and RoF. This is very effective at various distances and situations depending on your attachments.

SKS has a very high destructive power, making it unnecessary to be good at aiming at close range because it only takes a few bullets to kill the enemy.


Next up is the favorite shotgun of many people nearby, namely the S12K or the Saiga. Saiga itself is a semi-auto shotgun that can release lots of bullets quickly.

With unreasonable DPS at close range, Saiga is perfect for those of you who want to rush at very close ranges. Saiga itself is easy to find and for those of you who have good aim, saiga is perfect for you.

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Those are some of the melee weapons that are very effective at doing their job. There are many types of weapons that you can use, from SMG, AR, DMR, and Shotgun. For different playing styles of people, this wide choice of weapons is very advantageous.


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