The Best FF Weapon for Steffie Free Fire Characters Counter

There is the Best FF Weapon for the Steffie Free Fire Character Counter that you must use when fighting this free fire character. As we know, in this Free Fire game, there are already lots of interesting characters that you can use. Each character provided by Garena has various abilities and skills that are quite diverse. Even these characters can help you, to be the winner in the match.

Now there are many new characters that you can try in the Free Fire game, even yesterday Garena free fire released another new character. This character is named Steffie, a woman with Graffiti abilities that you shouldn’t underestimate. This character was present on February 25, 2020 yesterday, even at the beginning, this free fire character immediately became the target of many players.

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Steffie has pretty good area skills for Solo or Squad. He will issue a Graffiti Area where later this effect will provide a large amount of Damage Reduction. Automatically you will get a pretty good defense, when in Steffie’s Defense area.

Even though his abilities are quite good, there are also some weaknesses that are even easy for you to counter.

On this occasion we will provide some information about Destructive Weapons as well as counter the strength of Steffie’s free fire character.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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The Best FF Weapon for Steffie Free Fire Characters Counter

  1. AWM

The best FF Counter weapon for the Steffie Free Fire character is AWM. The damage from this weapon is quite large, it can even kill an enemy with just one shot. AWM will ignore enemy defenses, so Vests and Helmets will be destroyed.

Even the ability of Steffie can be destroyed with AWM, even though there is Damage Reduction you can still penetrate Steffie’s defense. Moreover, if it is directed towards the head, it is likely that it will immediately kill it.

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  1. MP40

The second weapon that you can use to counter Steffie’s ability is MP40 ff. The king of the best free fire SMG weapons has a very high firing speed. So of course the damage given from close range is definitely even greater.

Steffie’s ability will provide high damage reduction and defense. Even so, his defenses wouldn’t last long. More and more often attacked quickly by the Steffie Character’s Best Free Fire Counter Weapon. Then the defense will be destroyed.

  1. Steffie RGS50 Character Counter Best Weapon FF

The best weapon for the counter FF for Steffie Free Fire characters is RGS50. This weapon will fire a Bomb, so that later there will be a large explosion from the shot. Even this weapon, can kill enemies quickly.

The damage from this weapon is also very large, it can reach 90. Of course you can use the Launcher to destroy the abilities of the Steffie Character. Attack him continuously, so that Steffie’s ability will no longer be used.

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So, those are some of the weapons you can use to counter and destroy Steffie’s ability. Even so, you also have to be able to keep your distance and not be careless. Especially when using RGS50, make sure this weapon’s shot is right so that it can do damage.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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I prefer to play free fire with friends rather than solo push rank. Because he keeps losing and also likes trolling squad mates

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