The Best Assassin in Mobile Legends Season 16, Very Deadly ML 2020

In Mobile Legends, generally the role of mobile legends Assassin is a hero who doesn’t contribute much more often than other heroes. The assassin’s task in teamfight is to kill their core hero and then get out of the fight. They also usually have to go in and out of teamfight constantly.

But there are some assassins who actually have a high enough impact on team fight because of their skillset and playing style. These mobile legends heroes are very strong in teamfight and also quite dangerous.

Here we will provide some of the most powerful assassins that you can use in teamfight Mobile Legends. These heroes are often a favorite pick, not without reason.


Helcurt is an assassin who is perhaps arguably the strongest in teamfight thanks to his ult. When teamfight starts, Helcurt with his ult can give noise and spread panic to the entire opposing team by darkening the map. This of course will benefit your team, especially enemies who do not have good communication.


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Lancelot is the next very strong assassin for several reasons. First, Lancelot’s skill 1 if used correctly can be spam continuously, then almost all of his deadly skills are AoE in skill 2 and ulti. Lancelot can kill many enemies if he has a gold advantage and a good position.


Natalia is the best hit-n-run assassin for teamfight because as an assassin she carries a lot of tools in her skills. Natalia can focus on mage for bursts and silence or marksman for bursts and anti-physical on her smoke bomb. Strong enough if used properly.


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Ling with his ult who is active in the middle of a team fight is a nightmare for many people. He can launch deadly combos that can consistently deal very high damage. Especially if the enemy is in control in the middle of the ult.


Even though it is quite difficult to use, if you have high skills using Fanny in teamfight is a very big advantage. If you can avoid a lot of CC in teamfight, Fanny can flatten the entire opposing team quite easily and quickly.


Using Hayabusa in teamfight is very different from gank because he is a single target assassin. Hayabusa’s task in teamfight is quite difficult because you have to go inside and kidnap the enemy. But if you have a tanker that can separate opposing teams like Grock, then Hayabusa is a marksman’s nightmare.


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Quite different from his playing style with other assassins, Hanzo is an assassin who has to play safely from afar. Very strong in teamfight because of the ulti that can penetrate walls and kidnap the enemy’s back line.

Those are some very strong assassin heroes in team fight. These heroes are also good when solo kills but in the late game these assassins can lift and at least not become a burden in the team fight later.

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