The Benefit of Playing at The Edge of Zone Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire is a battle royale game with a last man standing battle concept. To make the game competitive and challenging, the zone system is also available in this game. The zone system works like any other battle royale games nowadays. Where the safe zone will gradually get smaller and smaller. Do you know which position is best for you to play with? At the center, or at the edge of the zone? Here we have some benefit of playing at the edge of the zone in Free Fire.

The Benefit of Playing at The Edge of Zone Free Fire (FF)

You can ambush the enemy coming from outside the zone in Free Fire

If you find yourself outside the safe zone in the game, you will lose some HP gradually. So most players will try everything to get inside the zone as fast as possible without much thinking. If you find a strategic position at the edge of the zone, you can try to guard the area outside the zone near you. Most of the time, you will find an enemy desperately trying to enter the zone. If you find one, then that’s the right time for you to shoot and kill the enemy, before they’re entering the safe zone.

Hard to kill

Continuing from the point above, if you’re trying to kill the enemy that is outside the zone. Then you should have all the advantage that you need. The first thing is that you’re not losing any HP unlike your enemy that is outside the zone. Second, the enemy doesn’t have that much time to think of a strategy. Because they are slowly running out of HP. With more pressure on the enemy’s side, you should be way more difficult to kill by the enemy.

Easier to predict the zone movement

The last benefit that you’ll get from positioning yourself at the edge of the zone is better prediction. What it means is that, you will have better vision on how the next zone will play out. If you’re at the center of the zone, there is a higher chance of the enemy to be able to flank you. However, if you’re in the edge of the zone, you’re actually in a much safer position. Because the enemy will get more difficult to try to surround you.

And that’s some of the benefits that you’ll get from playing at the edge of the zone in Free Fire. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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