The 5 Best Foods for Hours of Gaming!

Gaming is a contemporary necessity for refreshing yourself and getting to know other people online, as well as looking for your own fun so that time passes. If you are playing a game, we will feel fun and definitely not aware that our body will automatically be drained of energy and mind. Finally forgetting to eat food or drink. There are 5 Best Foods for Hours of Gaming that you shouldn’t miss

This is because food and drink are basic daily needs that must be fulfilled. If not fulfilled, it is certain that the body’s metabolism will decrease and lead to illness.

As an esports player, both amateur and professional, practicing playing games is necessary. However, maintaining a healthy condition in playing games should also be prioritized. It is because then you will get sufficient concentration by giving your body this nourishment.

The 5 best foods when gaming for hours!

Sandwich (Sandwich)

The best food for hours of gaming

the best food even though playing all day first is Sandwich. Food originating from the UK consists of bread, vegetables, cheese, meat and sauces.

This food is sufficient for your body to power playing games again. Adequate nutrition and the presentation is quite simple and there is no need to waste a lot of energy on making sandwiches.

Boiled eggs


the best food even though playing for the second day is Boiled Eggs. The food is quite simple because it only boils eggs and it is enough to wait about 30 minutes to boil it.

The nutrition from boiled eggs is also sufficient to help the body’s metabolism. And can be consumed while playing games. Boiled eggs are good food for hours of gaming to increase your concentration too.

Chicken Soup Is The Best Food For Hours Of Gaming

The best food for hours of gaming

The third best food for gaming is Chicken Soup. Foods that warm the body are very functional for the body. In addition to warming this food, it also has high protein.

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You can eat it with rice or not, but this food is very healthy for the body. Especially when it’s raining outside, this food is highly recommended to warm the body.



The fourth best food for hours of gaming is milk. Actually, it is not food but drinks that have been confirmed to be healthy. But it’s even healthier when you eat and drink milk.

Indeed, soda is more fun but it is not healthy for your body for the future. As we know, soda itself has become a mandatory drink for gamers. Let’s change it from now to milk to make it healthier.

Cereal is a good food to eat when gaming all day!

The best food for hours of gaming

the best food even though playing games throughout the fifth day is cereals. Cereals are a substitute for rice and are more nutritious than Instant Noodles. Now it’s changed from Instant Noodles to Cereals.

Obviously healthier from any angle. And serving it is also much easier than making Instant Noodles. Just add water and it’s ready to serve.

Make sure you know the amount of nutritional cereal that is given so that it becomes the best food for your hours of gaming.

That’s the best food for hours of gaming that you can consume to keep your health at its prime. Stop consuming foods that are not nutritious for your body. Because as an esports player, important concentration and conditions are the main things that you have to maintain besides your training schedule !. Greetings Esports!

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