Tanker Hero with the worst performance in Mobile Legends (ML)

During these two seasons, tankers are not much different from marksman, which is a drastic change from the Mobile legends meta heroes. They don’t really have many changes and very strong heroes have several options. But not all tanks are like this. Here we will provide 5 tanker heroes with the worst performance and less good to use for many reasons compared to other heroes.

There are several hero roles mobile legends tanker who have not performed well and can be said to be at the bottom of the board. These heroes cannot compete with other tankers from several aspects. Starting from endurance, sustain, CC, and also their general uses compared to other tank heroes.


Baxia is a tanker hero who is a bit strange because he is more suited to playing like a fighter. Baxia has not bad damage but as a tanker he dies easily.


Gatotkaca is a tanker hero who has a very bad skillset as a tank. He is only suitable for use as an initiator, that’s all. Meanwhile, there are so many tanker-initiators and much better than Gatotkaca.


Even though he has very good gank and combo potential, Johnson is one of the worst tankers to play with. Johnson is a tank hero who is too dependent on other team heroes and he who finds it difficult to open teamfight is a major factor.


The Minotaur was a very thick tanker and hard to kill, but that was all. Himself is a walking wall that doesn’t have damage and CC is not that strong. Minotaur is often useless in team fight, even though he has good initiation skills, it is not enough because other high tier tank heroes have better skills.


More like a ganker than a tank, Franco is a tank that is also not very useful. In a big teamfight, he can only kidnap enemies, while Franco cannot control many people at once. He is also not very strong on the front lines because he only has S2 and ulti to lock one person, this can also be blocked with enemy CC.

Those are the 5 bad tankers in Mobile Legends. There are still many selected tanker heroes that you can use and are more useful than them at this time. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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