Take your attacks even further with Skin Swagger Ownage Free Fire

Choosing a weapon certainly requires careful consideration. Because many FF players only choose weapons based on the amount of damage. This time I will provide information about skins that increase weapon ranges, namely Gun Skin Box FAMAS Swagger Ownage free fire.

Damage is indeed important to pay attention to. But in a game like Free Fire, you need a mature game strategy. Not all members of the team have the desire to get a kill. Every member of the team has an equally important role for the sake of team victory.

Therefore, in addition to damage, you also have to pay attention to other performances such as accuracy, rate of fire, and range. So this time I will provide information about skins that can increase the range of weapons.

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Gun Skin Box FAMAS Swagger Ownage

This skin is available for the first time only for FAMAS as the main weapon. However, later when the Gun Skin Box was released, there were also other weapons available for this skin, namely the P90. In appearance, this skin has a yellow red color combination with a fire pattern. In my opinion, the P90 weapon has a more attractive appearance for this skin than FAMAS. The reason is that at FAMAS the colors are separate, while on the P90 there is an interesting combination of colors.

As I promised above, this Swagger Ownage skin increases the weapon range very well. This will make you play at a safer distance than before with an attack level that remains deadly. For FAMAS itself, this skin also increases damage. The drawback of this high-range skin is that it reduces reloading.

Initial Performance of Both Weapons Available for Skin Swagger Ownage

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That’s the Swagger Ownage skin that can increase the range of your weapon even higher. With a high range you can attack at a distance that is farther than usual. Besides that, a large range can make you play safer. Thank you and booyah! Don’t forget to follow my esports instagram!

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