Take a peek at the animation of PMPL ID Season 2 Week 2 Overall Standings

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Season 2 Indonesia has passed its second week. For two weeks the match in the group stage was very exciting, especially in the second week which was full of surprises. Boom managed to win the weekly standings while Bigetron RA still topped the overall standings. PUBG Mobile also made an animation related to the overall standings of PMPL ID Season 2.

The development of esports such as PUBG Mobile in Indonesia is highly appreciated by gamers and other parties such as sponsors or the government itself. Even though there was a fatwa haram for this game in the past, until now the development of PUBG Mobile and other esports games is quite significant.

One proof that the development of this game is good is the holding of tournaments and the large number of enthusiasts who register for the tournament. The biggest tournament on a national scale is, of course, the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL), which is currently entering its second season.

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PMPL ID Season 2 Second Week Overall Standings Animation

PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) is not an ordinary tournament but it is a tournament that becomes the career ladder for pro players in the PUBG Mobile game. Good results at PMPL will ease their steps into even bigger tournaments until the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) or even the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) which will be held at the end of the year.

This can be seen from the women’s teams which yesterday made it to the top four in the PMPL Ladies ID and will represent Indonesia for the PMPL Ladies SEA tournament. For more details about this news, you can read it here. Last year, Bigetron RA also entered PMCO and PMWL East and ended with very encouraging results.

What is currently happening warmly is PMPL ID Season 2 2020 which has entered its second week. It is still warm in our memory about the surprises in every match that was held for three days in the second week yesterday. Esports myself, as an Indonesian esports media, has participated in this tournament and wrote the news.

As the poster we gave above regarding the overall standings (Globa; Leaderboard) of the second week of PMPL ID Season 2, it can be seen that the 24 best teams that Indonesia have currently are trying hard to survive in the top 16 and qualify for the challenging finals.

To enliven this big tournament, PUBG Mobile also made an animation based on the overall standings above. From rank 1 to 24, one person is made as a representative who wears the jersey of his esports team. In each person, the number of points earned is written. So this image is quite detailed. Here is the picture.

As seen in the picture above, 24 of the best Indonesian PUBG Mobile teams competing in PMPL ID Season 2 are plunging from the plane to the match arena as is the typical PUBG Mobile battle royale gameplay. The plunge was made as attractive as possible so that someone was using a kite, namely Dranix, who was in 11th position with 177 points.

Bigetron Red Aliens gets the biggest and main image size as 1st place with 283 points. In second place is ION Esports with 281 points that seem to be chasing Bigetron RA, which is right in front of it. The last-placed teams were made to jump off the plane indicating they were behind in this tournament.

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That is the information about the animation made based on the PMPL ID Season 2 standings the second week ago. With the review above, of course PUBG Mobile also wants to nudge the teams that are behind points in this tournament to be more enthusiastic about competing in the third week of matches which will start today. Thank you!

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