Super Cub Anime Gives The Effect Of Increasing Sales Of Super Cub Scooters In Japan

Japanese portal J-CAST discussed an article showing the relationship between the anime adaptation of the Super Cub and its possible effect on increasing sales of Honda’s Super Cub scooter.
The Super Cub anime debuted on television on May 7, Tells the story of a lonely girl who gets a used scooter from the Super Cub line. Honda, which made this model and participated in the design of the vehicle.

As of May 26, eight of the twelve scheduled episodes have been broadcast, according to an analysis of publications on the social network, namely Social Insight, the number of searches for the keywords “Super Cub” and “Anime” between May 7 and May 25 was approximately 150,000.

Judging from the age range of the posts, those in their twenties were the most, with a figure of 49.9%, followed by people in their thirties (21.8%) and teenagers (17.8%). The words that most often accompany this post are “interesting”, “calm”, and “nice”, which are pleasant impressions. However, the terms that caught attention were ‘buy’ and ‘want’, which indicated an increased interest in buying a vehicle.

On May 24, one user posted on Twitter: “For those affected by the Super Cub anime who have bought their scooter, they may already be thinking: ‘If I ride my Cub, I can go anywhere.’ But it really feels like it. Suddenly I saw myself traveling 2,000 kilometers around Kyushu.” His publication caught the attention and sympathy of users by getting almost around 20,000 likes and 6,407 retweets.

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