Summer Glory FF Bundle, Free Fire Tattooed Characters!

Until now the Free Fire game is still being developed quite well, so that way we all will definitely never get bored playing the game. The development given is also very good, so that we all definitely won’t get bored playing it. The latest update last June alone, is pretty good and very interesting to try. This time there is the Summer Glory FF Bundle which you can see with the characters tattooed in Free Fire.

In the future, Garena will also provide more information, for updates that will be given in the future. The events that Garena also presented were all quite good and interesting. Like the Rebel Carnival Event, where this event is pretty cool.

That way all of you also shouldn’t forget, to finish this event later too. This event also relates to the Incubator Rebel Academy which was released yesterday. So for now, you can’t miss the Incubator either.

Indeed, the events presented by Garena take turns, because before the event there was another event. The previous event had the name Beach Party Free Fire, where in this event we presented a cool bundle that was quite unique and had a legend level.

Now, at this time, Garena Free Fire has launched another new bundle in the Free Fire game. Still related to Summer, the price of this bundle is also quite cheap. Are you curious about the bundle? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Latest Summer Glory Free Fire Bundle

For now, Garena has released a new glory summer free fire bundle, which is now available at Shop Free Fire. So all of you who are waiting for the new bundle in the Shop, now is a good chance to get it.

Because this Bundle has a very cheap price, and the appearance looks really cool. That way you probably have nothing to lose, if you see the appearance of this character. He was like a lifeguard, with his best swimming skills.

Then the aura and Summer elements of this bundle are quite visible, especially from the name alone, Summer Glory for now. The price offered by Garena for this bundle will not drain your pockets deeper, of course.

Only with 600 Diamond Free Fire

Garena offers a 600 Diamond Price for this cool bundle, so basically, don’t miss the bundle. But it turns out that for now many players are protesting, because the Summer Glory Bundle doesn’t look like the original.

Where in his original appearance (Icon) he has a lot of cool tattoo designs on his body, but it turns out that when the preview shows only a few tattoos. In this way, of course, it makes the rating of the bundle significantly reduced.

Maybe in the future there will definitely be some improvements to the appearance of this bundle, because it turns out that the problem is that there are some players who display tattoos and some don’t display tattoos. With this many players protest, why the bundle is quite ugly and not attractive like the appearance of the icon.

But for now, if you want to buy the bundle in the Free Fire game, it’s better to buy it first. Because maybe the bundle will disappear from the game, after this June 2020. This opportunity is quite rare, so don’t waste the 600 Diamond bundle.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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