Streamer and Pro Deck For Knights of the Frozen Throne

Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, has been released for a day. And already a lot of players are scrambling to try and find the best roster to play.

Hero cards are clearly preferred for players, but there are also players who have tried it and are more eager to find other things.

With that in mind, here are five decks that professional players are currently trying out.

If you know Hearthstone’s professional players, you can definitely guess who made this list. Yes, he is Cong “StrifeCro” Shu.

StrifeCro takes advantage of three new legendary cards in this deck, including the powerful Hero Paladin card.

Starting the game with lots of Divine Shields can provide its own advantages at the beginning of the game. Mid-game may be a problem, but be patient waiting for the minions to win you over.

“J4CKIECHAN” may be famous for being a meme lover, but he’s also capable of making serious decks.

The Warlock Hero card was the only one that required ten mana, and J4ckie was trying to maximize its effect here. This deck is packed with Warlock Demon cards to try and get the big swing from Hero Battlecry. Defile proved to be just as strong as everyone had expected.

The Lich King also appeared on this deck, hoping to see him on nearly every control deck, at least for now.

Chris “Feno” Tsako’s deck druid may look like it doesn’t have enough minions, but the swings that come out of the spless are really strong.

Spreading Plague, along with Strongshell Scavenger, is a great way to destroy boards. Ultimate Infestation is a card that does quite well in this deck. The advantage of armor from these and other Hero cards is also good for survivability.

When some players choose to play with Hunter, Thijs Molendijk tries to play control.

Control Hunter has become a giant for many players. This can never be done because of how linear the strength of the heroes in their class is. Now with Hero cards to change it up, players hoped the slower Hunter could survive

The N’Zoth pushed the Deathrattles as far as possible, with cards like Infested Wolk and Bearshark. Savannah Highmane, one of the best Hunter cards, is not enough for them now.

Of course, Warrior focused more on Whirlwinds to take advantage of the new Hero card powers.

So, Louis “Mitsuhide” Bremers has cut the new Hero card because it’s too slow. Tempo Warrior was a strong deck a few years ago, and that’s what this deck is really about.

Hero cards don’t make the cut, but Rotface does. The card has performed better than some players thought so far.

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