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Mobile Legends is a game that always presents various starlight skins every month. After previously presenting the starlight prize in September, we will give information starlight prize for October 2020 in Mobile Legends. On this occasion, we will discuss the list of prizes you can get if you become a starlight member in October 2020.

You can get quite a lot of prizes from starlight members, but for sure, you can have the main prize in the form of Harith Fashion Expert skin in October 2020. Not only that, there are many other items in the form of starlight gems, painted skins, sacred statues and many others.

Starlight Prizes for Mobile Legends Members in October 2020

The following is a list of prizes that you can get if you buy a starlight member in October 2020. Now for those of you who want to buy it, here are the prizes that you can get.

Level 0: Harith’s Hero Skin – Fashion Expert

Level 1: Fortune Machine – Painted Skin Uranus Pinball Machine

Level 20: Random Skin Chest

Level 30: Starlight Gem

Level 40: Battle Emote Harith

Level 60: Harith’s Sacred Statue – Lissom Pace

Starlight Prizes for Mobile Legends Members in October 2020

In October 2020, you will get a starlight skin for Harith’s hero under the name Fashion Expert. This skin has a very unique look with a dwarf fairy feel.

Next there is a skin painted prize for the hero Uranus on his Pinball Machine skin, the skin will be named Fortune Machine with an all-purple color which is quite adorable.

Next you will get a random chest skin where you will have the opportunity to get 1 regular skin. Some of the skins you can get are Crystallized skins, Predator, Royale Musketeer, Pale Flame and other skins. You can get these prizes randomly.

Next, you can also get a Starlight gem which you can collect to get an Annual Starlight skin. This skin is one of the premium starlight skins that can only be exchanged for Starlight Gems, which you get once a month by purchasing a Starlight Member.

At Level 40, you will get a Battle Emote for Harith heroes with a typical Fashion Expert skin, but unfortunately we don’t have a leak about what this Battle Emote looks like.

Finally, at level 40 you will get a Sacred Statue for Harith’s hero in Mobile Legends. In the form of a statue that you can apply to the turret when playing in Mobile Legends. The Sacred Statue itself is wanted by many Mobile Legends gamers.

That’s all the starlight prize leaks for the upcoming October 2020.

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