Spray Down Enemy Mobile PUBG with M416 and High Scope

AR weapon or which has the acronym Assault Riffle PUBG Mobile is a weapon commonly used by its users to spray down enemies. This time you can Spray Down the enemy’s PUBG Mobile with M416 and High Scope

It is the only weapon that is multifunctional, aka it can be used in all conditions, making AR weapons a weapon that can be attached to any scope on the upper rail (except 8x) and still have good shooting performance.

If you play on a map with not too far visibility like Sanhok and Vikendi, shooting enemies by spraying is one of the most common gameplay used by many players.

Then how do you do spraying fire against enemies using 2x, 3x, 4x, and 6x scopes on the national AR weapons of PUBG Mobile players, aka M416? How do I control the recoil? Check out the explanation below!

Spray Down Enemies with M416 and High Scope? Here are the Tips!

Scope 2x

The 2x scope doesn’t give a lot of stomping, so you can still use it to shoot at close range. Although there are some people who prefer to shoot using a 2x scope for close range, we still recommend using a red dot sight or holographic for better stability.

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Scope 3x

The 3x scope is the scope that many people dream of, because the cross hair makes it easier for the player to aim at and the stability is still easy to control, as well as the beat.

If you use this weapon for medium range, shooting while walking is not even a big deal. However, when the enemy is at a great distance, we recommend shooting from an upright position or standing still without moving.

Don’t forget to lower your fingers when shooting to hold the recoil from this scope.

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Scope 4x

This scope is a scope that is difficult to control. The visual that looks “bear” makes players sometimes prefer to use a 3x scope to make aiming easier. The recoil on this scope kicks enough so it takes extra effort to control it.

Usually players use this scope for DMR and Sniper, but when paired for AR and spray down, we recommend shooting while crouching or lying down to withstand the resulting recoil.

Don’t forget to hold the aiming down and if necessary use the gyro to add a downward push when holding the recoil.

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Scope 6x

The 6x scope really provides recoil that really shakes your weapon when spraying down. Holding the M416 recoil which is full attachments with a 6x scope is really difficult, can you imagine how difficult it would be if the attachments were not full or spraying a 6x fire scope using AKM? Aiming auto flying!

We recommend shooting prone when you use the 6x scope on this M416 weapon.

Or you can adjust up to 3x on this scope to get better recoil performance and accuracy than the 3x scope itself!

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Based on our explanation above, what scope is your favorite for spraying down shots with an M416 weapon? Thank you for listening!

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