Special Hero Brawl and Mirror Mode Mobile Legends!

At that time, Moonton had made the latest update and this update attracted a lot of attention from Mobile Legends players from all over the world. This mode is Mirror Mode, where in this mode you and your teammates will vote to determine the Special Hero for Brawl and Mirror Mode Mobile Legends.

Suppose your team votes for the hero Lancelot, then if the hero vote gets the highest vote, then automatically 1 of your team will use the hero in the battle arena. However, the Mirror mode at that time was different from usual, this mode was combined with one of the existing modes in the game.

Brawl Mode and Mirror Mode unite to make the fight even fiercer, because there is only 1 lane or lane in the battle arena.

This event is only temporary, even though yesterday we discussed some useless heroes in Brawl & Mirror mode, now we will discuss the heroes who are the most violent when played in this mode. What are the heroes? This is it.

Special Hero Brawl and Mirror Mode Mobile Legends!

  1. Jawhead.

If you are not too ambitious to win and just want to have fun, you can choose the Jawhead hero in the Brawl & Mirror mode. Even if it’s a friend or foe, Jawhead will be able to throw it in a direction that you can specify and make it fun (Throw a dying friend into a crowd of enemies for example).

Just imagine, if there are 5 of the same heroes in Brawl & Mirror mode and throwing the enemy back and forth, the enemy will automatically die. You can also lock 1 target and hit it simultaneously.

  1. Johnson.

Special Hero Brawl and Mirror Mode Mobile Legends!

If Johnson disappears from the map, this can make those of you who are in a lane or buff area worry because he might want to hit you. Just imagine there are 5 Johnson in Brawl & Mirror mode, chances are you will get hit quite easily.

Every time one of the Johnson dies, surely he will start the shape of the car for revenge. The game was going to be chaotic from the first second since Johnson started throwing his hammers.

  1. Faramis.

For this one hero, you can clearly imagine how chaotic it will be. Only Faramis is the only friend-generating hero who has died in battle. This is also one of the things that made Faramis hated in the game from the start of its release.

If this hero is used in Brawl & Mirror, then it is certain that they will use Ultimate alternately and make them more immortal in this mode. In addition, friends who are successfully turned on will get up to 100% Attack Power, so you can imagine if the five Faramis come back to life and immediately attack one of the enemies.

  1. Gord.

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Most heroes who have a role mage will appear quite strong in this mode. Hero Gord is one of the mage heroes who is quite riotous in this Brawl & Mirror mode.

If you are an enemy against 5 Gord in this mode, when you are hit by stun balls from enemy Gord, then they will automatically perform an ulti on you.

  1. Odette.

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It has long been considered the queen who mastered the game of Brawl. Now, if gathered into five heroes, ability immobilize hers will pile up. If you accidentally get caught, you might end up being a soft ass. The problem doesn’t just come there, if you let your guard down, the player can be thrown straight away with his Ultimate.

Those are some heroes who are suitable and riotous when used in Brawl & Mirror mode, most likely the Mode will be re-opened soon.

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