Some Tips to be in Top 5 in Free Fire (FF)

Now we have some tips to be in top 5 in Free Fire that you need to know. To be in the top 5 in a match, it’s surely a thrilling experience. So there are some tips that you can try to survive the game at this point. Or you can even win the game by following these tips.

Free Fire is a really popular battle royale game with millions of active players worldwide. In this game, there are many features that you can use in the game to help you win. There’s also many events that you can participate in the game so that you can get various different prizes in Free Fire. You can get many prizes from an event by completing the missions in the game.

So make sure that you participate in every event in the game. You can get many prizes if you keep completing the mission in the event. There are various prizes like character, weapon, costumes, and skins.

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Some Tips to be in Top 5 in Free Fire (FF)

Don’t hesitate

As you play Free Fire, there are some things that you need to handle from yourself. Before you make any decision in the game, make sure that you don’t hesitate. This is important so that you can execute your plan really well.

Conserve your gloo wall

In order to survive in the top 5, you’re gonna have to conserve your gloo wall. This is very important because there are chances that you’re gonna stuck in an open area. Which is why, the gloo wall is important for you.

Ammo is really important

In the top 5, there’s not much places left for you to loot. You can only loot some stuff from the enemy death box in this phase. Which is why, saving your ammo can also be an important tip for you to know. Because in the top 5, there will be a lot of intense battle that involves most of your ammo in the game.

Get to know rotation

Rotation is a strategy where you move from one place to another, strategically. So make sure that you know how to rotate as you’re in the top 5. Because positioning can also be important in this phase. You can try playing at the center of the zone, or you can also play at the edge of the zone.

And that’s some tips to be in top 5 in Free Fire that you need to know. Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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