Solutions Like to Experience PUBG Mobile Lag While Playing, Easy!

When playing PUBG Mobile, the most annoying thing besides dropping out in the early minutes of the game is the lagging screen or smartphone. When you are playing and then face to face with the enemy, for example, it will be very annoying when you have to experience lag.

Screen motion becomes choppy, all movements slow down, and the smartphone feels hotter which makes things worse.

Actually this might rarely happen on smartphones that use high specifications, but as you know that not everyone uses flagship smartphones, right?

Then how can you do to avoid lag or eliminate lag when playing PUBG Mobile? Check out the explanation below!

Like to experience lag when playing PUBG Mobile? Here’s the Solution!

Applications that are currently running


When playing PUBG Mobile, make sure there are no applications running or running in the background. Open the multitask window then close the running application, so that your smartphone only focuses on processing programs from PUBG Mobile.


Make the capacity of your smartphone as light as possible so you don’t mind running heavy applications like PUBG Mobile. So the thing you have to do is to remove the trash that has settled on your smartphone. It can be started from deleting browser history, to cache stored in various applications.

Cache enters your smartphone from applications that require an internet connection, including online games such as PUBG Mobile. Any data you see and hear in the game will enter your smartphone’s memory. And it will become trash if it is not removed.

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Make sure the internet you are using is in a stable connection. If you don’t use a stable connection, it is certain that the ping in PUBG Mobile will not be stable either. Ping, which often experiences sudden ups and downs, will interfere with your gameplay, of course, because it can cause lag.

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Don’t Play While Charging the Battery

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Don’t play PUBG Mobile with the charger cable plugged in or charging, because this will make your battery heat up quickly and if left untreated it will affect the performance of the smartphone. A hot battery can cause your smartphone to lag, especially when playing heavy applications like PUBG Mobile.

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Don’t Force Use Right Aligned Graphics

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Use graphics as light as possible to reduce the excessive work done by your smartphone. Especially if your smartphone is not a smartphone that has high specifications, avoid “right-aligned” graphics because it will endanger your gameplay later.

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Based on our explanation above, hopefully this article can help you to avoid, reduce, and even eliminate lag when playing PUBG Mobile. Thank you for listening!

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