SLR and M16A4, the Underrated Duo in PUBG Mobile!

SLR and M16A4 are two weapons in PUBG Mobile that have the special ability to fight at medium to long distances. SLR is a DMR type weapon while the M16A4 is an AR type. From the type alone, one can find the difference.

SLR and M16A4, the Underrated Duo in PUBG Mobile!

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1. Damage

When playing over long distances, it must be difficult to kill enemies quickly. Because this distant shooting position can make it easier for the enemy to escape from your shot.

Therefore, we need a weapon that can directly inflict high damage so that the enemy does not have the opportunity to run away. SLR was born with 58 points of damage, while the M16A4 was only able to provide 43 points.

For those of you who are concerned with big damage, then you have to use SLR weapons. But you need to remember that, weapons with large damage will also produce large recoil.

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2. Fire Rate

The speed of fire or the time between shots between the bullets also serves an important function to kill the enemy quickly. The M16A4 managed to deliver a speed of 0.075 seconds between the bullets.

Meanwhile, the SLR is slightly slower at 0.100 seconds per bullet. So it can be said that M16A4 has a better fire rate when compared to the second painful DMR in PUBG Mobile after MK14, namely SLR.

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3. Shooting Range

A good weapon is an excellent weapon for hitting targets at long distances. The farther the distance that can be covered by the bullets, the easier it will be for you to kill the enemy.

The M16A4 can cover a distance of about 900 meters per second with one bullet, while the SLR has a distance of 840 meters per second for one bullet. It can already be seen that for a firing range the M16A4 is the winner.

4. Magazine

For the problem of the number of bullets, they both have different capacities. The M16A4 can accommodate 30 rounds without an extended magazine, and up to 40 bullets when using an extended magazine.

While the SLR can only accommodate 10 bullets and for 20 bullets we use an extended magazine.

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5. Attachments

Attachments are equipment that you shouldn’t forget when using a weapon, because attachments are equipment that can make your weapon’s performance even better.

The M16A4 can use all scopes except 6x scopes, and can use all attachments belonging to AR weapons such as Muzzle, Stock, and Magazine.

While the SLR itself can be paired with all the scopes in the game, the Muzzle and Magazine can be installed with all AR and DMR or Sniper properties. Likewise, SLR also uses Stock filled with a Cheek Pad.

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Based on our explanation above, which one do you choose? SLR or M16A4? Thank you for listening!

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