Skyline Free Fire Skin, Quiet Killer in FF!

Having a cool skin is a pleasure for Free Fire players. With the Gun Skin Box, FF players can feel the sensation of the same skin for different weapons. Each Gun Skin Box also offers an attractive performance. This time I will provide information about the Gun Skin Box Skyline Free Fire which makes you a great killer.

Players who can use this skin will get 4 points on a deadly attack. This will make the weapon more sick and have a bigger attack.

Gun Skin Box Skyline

By carrying out this sky skin theme, every weapon that can use it has a soothing sky blue hue. In addition, there is also a cloud pattern on the body of the weapon. The best performance that this skin wants to provide is a large increase in damage for each weapon. It wants to make the impression that this skin wants to make you a killer with a sense of calm like the sky.

In the picture above we can see the performance enhanced by this skin. The increase in damage is large but reduces the level of accuracy. Here I will describe the initial performance of these four weapons.

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M4A1 is a type of Assault Rifle (AR). This weapon has a stable performance at every point. This medium range weapon has a high rate of fire. Then this weapon also has a medium level of accuracy. The initial damage of this weapon is 53. With the large increase in damage from the Skyline skin, it certainly makes it a weapon with a painful attack.


UMP is a weapon with a Submachine Gun (smg) type. This weapon is good for use in medium range. The damage of this weapon is 48 with a high degree of accuracy. With the increase in damage, the UMP becomes even more frightening, but the level of accuracy decreases so that it requires good skills.


M14 is a weapon with the type of Assault Rifle (AR). This long-range weapon has a medium rate of fire and has a good level of accuracy and damage of 71. For long-range weapons, of course good accuracy is needed. With the reduction in accuracy by this Skyline skin, of course, you have to play M14 well. If the damage is no longer necessary to ask. Obviously the Skyline skin makes the M14 attack much more deadly.


M1014 is a Shotgun (SG) type weapon. As we know that the shotgun is a melee weapon. The drawback of this weapon is that it has a slow rate of fire. The advantage is of course the damage this weapon is very impressive, which is 94. Can you imagine if the Skyline skin increases the damage of this weapon. Although the Skyline skin reduces accuracy, the M1014’s good initial accuracy level should be anticipated by FF players.

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That’s a glimpse of information about this GG skin. By using this skin it is certain that each of your attacks can get a kill. Reducing the accuracy of each weapon makes you have to be able to play with good skills. A collection of Skyline skins that can make you a great killer. Thank you and booyah!

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