Skyler FF Characters Become Counter Chrono Free Fire

So we can know that the Skyler FF Character is the Counter Chrono Free Fire, this is one of the things that is quite interesting and of course we shouldn’t miss it. Not only that, you can also tell that this is indeed quite important.

Because we already know that all players in the Free Fire game, just hate Chrono. Due to the strength of character that is present in him, it is indeed one of the things that is quite dangerous for you to feel.

Moreover, what we know is that for now, there are many Free Fire Characters, and you can try them one by one. Determine which character you can try, when you compete later against these enemies too.

Now from this information, we can also find out that the Chrono Free Fire character has indeed become the most meta. Many are annoyed, that’s why we need a solid counter to defeat Chrono later.

Especially from the information about the Skyler FF Character Being Counter Chrono Free Fire. Maybe that way, you will know some of the new things that are under this article too.

Skyler FF Characters Become Counter Chrono Free Fire

This Skyler is one of the Free Fire x Mtp Collaboration Characters. Of course the strength he gives when playing later will help the players to be the strongest in facing enemies.

Because we know that in the past the Mystery Free Fire Character Review in the rendy Rangers video, this character could destroy the Gloo Wall. Then he can also get a large Heal, when installing a gloo wall while competing.

Not only that, this new character is reportedly coming and we can counter it as well. Don’t you guys ignore it. Because Chrono has a Shield, reportedly it can be penetrated easily by this newest character.

Skyler can destroy quite a lot of Gloo Wall, within a distance of not far from 100 meters. Of course, the enemy’s defense will decrease later, when the gloo wall is destroyed and cannot be used by them while hiding.

Operation Chrono

Not only that, we will also find out that, for example, there are many counters from Shield Chrono Free Fire. That means you can get additional counters, with the presence of this new character who has the name Skyler.

The Sismte given from Shield Chrono is indeed like a Gloo Wall. Only the shape is like a Bunker, so we can take cover from 2 directions at once without the need to fear being hit by damage.

So, later you can just use Skyler’s power, towards the Shield that has Chrono. Because someone said that when the server was upgraded, Skyler could destroy Chrono’s Shield with his skill.

So of course the strength of this character, we shouldn’t ignore it either. Because what we know right now, if it’s in the form of strength, it’s possible that Skyler will beat Chrono in terms of destroying the shield.

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By knowing the Skyler FF character being the Counter Chrono Free Fire, of course those of you who hate Chrono can use him to beat Chrono. The ability given by Chrono is indeed enough to make us shake our heads.

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