Skin Rebel Academy VS The Punisher P90 Free Fire, Which is Better FF?

Weapons are important items that you must pay attention to. Choosing the right weapon will make your game even more intense. There is also a display of weapons that are just like that and also their unsatisfactory performance makes FF players sometimes get bored. Therefore, Garena FF provides additional features to enhance the appearance of weapons and strengthen weapon performance, namely through free fire weapon skins.

With so many weapon skins, maybe we think that is the latest skin a better skin than before? It’s not like that. Each skin that is presented in certain events makes each skin has its own uniqueness. Talking about that, this time I will give a comparison between the new Rebel Academy P90 skin and the Punsher P90 skin, which was present about 2 months ago in free fire. Curious? Check out the following article.


  • DAMAGE 48
  • RANGE 27

The P90 is a free fire Submachine Gun (SMG) type. This is a popular weapon not only among FF players but also among FPS game players or other weapon war genres. This weapon has a big advantage in the magazine, which is up to 50 bullets. Besides that, the rate of fire of this weapon is fast. With the speed of shooting and the number of bullets, this makes the P90 very deadly. Damage P90 for SMG type weapons is also quite good, which is 48. This weapon with medium range attacks has pretty good accuracy too.

Gun Skin Rebel Academy P90

Gun Skin Box Rebel Academy has just been presented through the Rebel Academy Event this June. So this skin is still hot for collection, huh. Apart from the P90 weapon, the Academy rebel Gun Skin Box is also available for the Kar98K weapon.

The appearance offered by this skin is dominated by purplish pink with a contemporary school style. The combination of purplish pink and black coupled with the Rebel Academy logo makes this skin thick with the nuances of a young schoolgirl.

For the performance of this skin, it increases the damage by two points for the P90 weapon! Of course this is a big advantage. In addition, the range of weapons has increased. With the addition of damage, the P90 can be played a little farther than before, which was only medium-range. The only drawback of this skin is that it reduces the magazine but that doesn’t seem to be a problem with the large number of initial bullets the P90 has.

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Gun Skin The Punisher P90

From the name, this skin brings a creepy impression as a “hitter” in the sense of a deadly shot. This skin was introduced in conjunction with the Punisher bundle about two months ago. The P90 weapon is one of the many weapons that can use the Punsher weapon skin.

For the appearance of this skin, it brings a metallic and robotic impression. If you pay close attention, this skin displays an image of the Transformers character named Optimus Prime. There is Optimus Prime’s face on the body of the P90 weapon and other weapons included in this Gun Skin Box the Punisher. Therefore it is natural that the appearance of this skin has a combination of red, blue and black.

Regarding the performance of this skin, it makes the P90 even more attractive. The reason is because the Punisher’s skin increases the damage of the P90 weapon. Not to mention the added speed makes the P90 have a really fast game. But the drawback is that it reduces the reload speed.

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Comparison of the Rebel Academy P90 Skin with the Punisher P90

When compared from appearance, of course each player has their own taste. However, we can admit that the Punisher skin looks epic with Optimus Prime’s robotic appearance. This is one advantage of the Punisher P90 over the Rebel Academy P90.

Regarding performance, both offer their respective advantages. These two skins add P90 damage. Next, if Rebel Academy increases the range, the Punisher increases the speed of the P90 weapon. You can choose to play at a greater distance or at a higher rate of fire. For this SMG type weapon, it seems like the speed of fire is very necessary, huh. Indeed, since the beginning, the P90 has had a high speed. Now imagine if the speed is even higher.

The drawback is that Rebel Academy reduces magazines while the Punisher reduces reloading. You can consider which one is better. Since the SMG P90 is known as a multi-purpose weapon, it seems that reducing the magazine makes us run out of bullets faster than usual.

So for those of you who often use the P90, maybe you can feel that there is a reduction in the magazine. As for reloading, actually it’s not that problematic because you can get a kill in the first continuous shot before running out of bullets. Coupled with the increased P90 damage, it can ensure that you can get a kill.

That’s a brief description of the two newest skins from the P90. The latest Rebel Academy P90 skin, which just arrived this June, is in fact no better than the Punisher P90 skin, which was released about two months ago. Thank you and booyah!

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