Skin Mobile Legends (ML) X Anime Naruto!

Mobile Legends is one of the games that always brings interesting collaborations to the game, there are several collaborations that have taken place, such as the King of Fighter series which presents super cool skins. But apart from that, what if Moonton presents a collaboration between Mobile Legends and the Anime Naruto series?

The Naruto Anime series, of course all gamers know and have watched the anime. Which in the anime tells the story of Naruto’s struggle to become a Hokage. There are several similarities between the characters in the Naruto anime whose skin hero if using this Naruto character will be very suitable.

On this occasion, we will give some skins if Mobile Legends collaborates with the Naruto Anime series. This skin will perfectly match the skills and characters of the Naruto heroes and anime itself. Anything?

1. Sun (Naruto)

This is very suitable, yes, Naruto and Sun also have the same form, which is to create shadows. Very suitable!

2.Khaleed (Gara)

Next there is Gara and Khaleed, where these two characters have the same ability to control sand.

3. Martis (Madara)

Martis can already be auctioned off by a god in his story, now Madara can also be said to be a sinobi god in the anime series Naruto.

4. Hanzo (Kisame)

Next there is Kisame who is identical to Hanzo. Hanzo can cast a shadow, then Kisame can get the shark out from a distance.

5. Valir (Uchiha Obito)

Obito in the Anime series is indeed very good at controlling fire, which is a good match for Valir.

6.Hayabusa (Uchia Kakashi)

Kakashi’s ninja attack speed will be very suitable to be a hayabusa, not only that, both of them also wear masks which turn out really cool.

7. Granger (Uchia Itachi)

Uchiha Itachi with his rich Ganger would match, both of them have a coold and mysterious appearance.

8.Guinevere (Hyuga Hinata)

Ah, this is going to really feel at home playing Guinevere with Hinata’s skin like this. Duh, what if you jump? hehe

9. Khufra (Orochimaru)

Orochimaru and Khufra are very synonymous with the ability to control snakes. Khufra would be really cool if he used Orochimaru’s sin.

10.Akai (Jiraiya)

The frog king Jiraiya would be very suitable if used on her Akai. Which is where both Akai and Jiraiya have Frog pets when fighting.

11. Khilda (Tsunade)

Wow, this is how beautiful Hilda is when you use the skin of the Tsunade character. It’s getting cooler using Hilda like this!

12. Cecilion (Nara Shikamaru)

Shikamaru and Cecilion are very well combined, these two characters both have shadow abilities.

13. Angela (Yamanaka Ino)

Next there is Ino who gets along with Angela. Both of which can control other people from a distance.

14. Baxia (Akamichi Choji)

Choji suits Baxia really well. You’re both fat hehe.

15. Clint (Abuname Shino)

Shino and Clint look really cool ..

16. Popol and Kupa (Kiba and Akamaru)

Both are pet lovers, the two characters really get the skin!

17.Badang (Hyuga Neji)

Neji and Badang both have a thousand shadows!

18.Aldous (Might Gai)

Migh Gai is indeed a terrible blow, Aldous also has!

19. Chou (Rock Lee)

Rock Lee’s move is very synonymous with Chou in Mobile Legends.

20.Wanwan (Tenten)

Tenten and Wanwan are very suitable. both have the same hairstyle.

21. Gusion (Namikaze Minato)

If Gusion’s ability is identical to Minato’s!

22. Ling (Uchiha Sasuke)

Sasuka is very agile, it is also very suitable when applied to Ling.

23.Sakura (Masha)

Sakura is quite synonymous with Marsha which has a powerful punch!

24. Cyclops (Onoki)

Do you know Onoki’s ability to attack opponents with cube-shaped attacks?

25. Kadita (Mei Tsurumi)

Mei is the queen of elements in Naruto, she can also control water like Kadita.

26. Faramis (Kabuto)

Finally, there is Kabuto with his Edo Tense style which is very similar to Faramis.

So, that’s a line of skins which is really cool if Mobile Legends collaborates with the Naruto series. Isn’t that cool?

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