Skin ML Silvanna: Midnight Justice May 2020 Mobile Legends, So Cool!

Silvanna is one of the Mobile Legends heroes who is included in the hero with the role of the mobile legends fighter. This hero is very meta-like in the current season. For you Silvana users, there is good news coming from Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends. It is reported that Moonton will release the latest ML skin in May 2020 for this Silvanna Mobile Legends Hero.

The skin that Moonton will release for Silvana is included in the elite skin category. Even though it is an elite skin, the appearance of this skin is no less good than a special skin.

Midnight Mobile Legends skin

If you hear the word midnight, of course you will remember Natalia’s special skin, Midnight Raven. Moonton’s theme for Silvana’s latest skin is almost the same as the theme used by Natalia’s Midnight Raven skin.

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On this occasion we will provide a review of the Silvana Midnight Justice skin. This skin that has a midnight theme is considered very suitable to be applied to Silvana’s hero. With this skin, Moonton will definitely make you hang out because Silvana’s appearance is increasingly looking fierce and strong.

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Judging from the top design of the Midnight Justice skin, it turns out that Silvana’s face and hair are almost made similar to Natalia’s Midnight Raven skin. This white hair and calm but frightening face made Silvana look different and look even more assertive.

Switch to the costume used by Silvana from Skin Midnight Justice. This costume, which is designed like a justice enforcement soldier, looks very suitable for Silvana’s hero. The shoulders are designed like using armor and underneath, there are purple fur accessories that make it look more beautiful.

This purple feather accessory is also on the part of the costume that extends downward. Indeed, if you look at the skin, Natalia Midnight Raven also uses this purple fur accessory. Maybe that is the hallmark of a skin that has the prefix Midnight.

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Similar to the Newest Dark Knight

In addition, the weapons used by Silvana were also very neatly designed. The weapon in the form of his spear was designed at the tip like it had purple crystals. The spear was also designed like a soldier’s signature weapon.

Overall this skin is very good and suitable for Silvana. For those of you who are interested in buying this skin, wait for the release date. It is reported that this Midnight Justice skin will be released on May 26. After the release, you can buy it directly in the Shop section for 599 diamonds. It is guaranteed that you Silvana users will not regret buying this neat elite skin.

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So that’s a review of the ML Silvanna Midnight Justice skin in Mobile Legends. Hopefully this is useful and can be a good reference source for all of you. That is all and thank you!

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