Skin M4A1 and M79 Special FF Professor K Free Fire

Don’t forget there are Professor K Free Fire Special M4A1 and M79 Skins that will be present later. Indeed, right now there are lots of new things in the Free Fire game, all of which we should be able to find out later. This is a pretty good thing, you just don’t want to go through all the latest things that will be presented in the Free Fire game.

For now there are indeed many cool new things, this is something we need to pay attention to as well. Because there are still many other new things, such as weapon skins. Until now there are still players who ask for Useful Weapon Skins or Not, but we can already know that things like this are indeed good and fortunate when competing.

But maybe you guys are also interested, with a leak that I got Esports right now. What are you curious about? Listen directly to the article below.

Special Skin M4A1 and M79 Professor K Free Fire

Indeed, now the name Leaked update, there are already many and we can definitely feel it too. Of course, all of these are things that we need to know, because they are quite profitable to try later. Especially now that we still need to know the Free Fire Update Leaks, this will make us get ready for what will come later.

So for now the leak that is presented is one of the leaks where the M4A1 and M79 Weapons are additional targets in the next latest skins. That way those of you who like to use these weapons can’t miss this skin. Because what we know, this will be one of the limited and special skins later.

Yesterday, my Esports also discussed the character of Professor K Free Fire, which will be one of the next new characters. You also have to know, if the skin of the weapon that will be present is a skin that is related to this. So the M4A1 Fire and M79 Ice skins have been reported to be present when Professor K is released later.

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On the M4A1 Skin itself, the color given is predominantly red because the theme given is Fire. As for the M79, it is more dominant in Blue, the theme given is Ice. These two skins are not perfect yet, because reportedly there will also be other effects on the skin when it is presented in this game.

Maybe to get these 2 skins, will be present at a free event that will appear in the next event too. Moreover, from those present at this time, there must be many other cool things to get. We can put the M4A1 and M79 skins aside, maybe this skin will be very suitable when combined with the Character Ability of Professor K Free Fire.

It is not yet known what Professor K or this Skin was obtained through, but it might be through a Free event. So with that just get ready, with what’s coming next. Because of all this, it must also be quite eye-catching. But there is a possibility that this will happen at the Booyah Day Free Fire Event right now.

You can also read Professor K Free Fire’s Character Combinations, where it will make this character stronger. That’s why we shouldn’t forget to use a combination like this in the future. Moreover, use the weapon’s skin, to make it look cooler too.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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