Skin Leaks of the FF and Airship Event Blue Free Fire

You must know about the Blue Free Fire Aircraft and Airship Event Skin Leaks, this will bring an interesting impression for you to try when the event is already being presented later. By knowing what things will appear in the Free Fire game now, it will definitely bring one of the benefits for ourselves in the future, right?

Moreover, from all of this there are definitely leaks that will later appear in the Free Fire game. Yesterday, we also got to know the atmosphere of the event from Booyah Day Free Fire, where you can find out all the things which also affect the ingame. Especially if at this time there are also leaks, which will affect the next game event.

Maybe some of you are already curious, because the presence of this thing will be useful for us to know in the future. Listen to all of that in the article that is being presented right now.

Blue Free Fire Aircraft and Airship Event Skin Leaks

So for now there are leaks, some information which brings elements of the next theme event. So in the past, Esports, I also discussed the All-Blue Theme Event in Free Fire, with all these leaks it turns out that there are other new things added. So there are 2 Skins for Aircraft and Airshop, at that latest event too.

In this way you also need to see the performance of the event later, because it won’t disappoint. Despite the facts that can be found out, it turns out that the event has not yet been completely leaked. But let’s see from the other side first, where the skins from the Aircraft and Airship sections have indeed appeared and we can try to feel them.

Especially from the first plane, yesterday there was also a New Airplane Skin in Free Fire which might become a feature. Even so, you also need to know some other interesting things, which is an example if the all-blue Airplane Skin is actually presented in Blue with a white hue. It’s not completely complete, huh, but the important thing is we already know what it will look like first.

Newest FF Skin!

Then for the latest Airship special event, we can also see if the color given is indeed full of Dark Blue. Then you can find out that there is a red logo with the words Free Fire which is quite large. That way you won’t be able to miss the opportunity to be able to see this when you compete later too.

These two skins are not yet fully released, but by knowing the leaks that will be present, make sure you are ready for all of these things. Not only ready for Aircraft Skins, but of course at the next event I will definitely let Esports know when it’s really ready. Because of all that it is still leaking, but soon it will be ready.

If it’s ready, maybe it will be a substitute for the event from Booyah Day right now.

Just keep up with the information that is present now, because then you can find out what new things will appear in the Free Fire game too. Especially knowing the Shani Free Fire Workshop Event Leaks, all of that will bring a very interesting impression. Especially you guys, you shouldn’t forget about all the updates right now.

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