SingSing Retires, Kaipi Team Disbands!

After failing to qualify for the Boston Major tournament, one of Kaipi team’s mainstay players, WehSing “SingSing” Yuen, chose to retire from the professional world of Dota 2, this was confirmed directly by him during an interview with DotaBlast.

When asked if he would continue playing for Kaipi’s team after qualifying, Singsing said this was his last tournament.

“Well, the answer is no, because I will quit the professional world of Dota forever.” said Singsing. “This will be my last tournament.”

The news of Singsing’s retirement also came as a shock to Kaipin’s own team, who were watching the interview behind the cameras. After Singsing retired, Kaipi also decided to disband.

Kaipi had played in the European regional qualifiers and finished in the top 32, trying their luck in the American region, Kaipi’s team had to settle for being runner-up, after losing to the Elements Pro team with a score of 2-1.

Although he decided to retire from Dota’s professional world, Singsing said that he would focus on streaming.

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